So I went to my first blogger event last week at the Lee Stafford Hair & Beauty Academy.

It was a new experience for me and usually in new experiences I stress over the situation and try and act super sassy at all costs.

With my crisp white shirt on, I headed to Chelmsford to meet with a host of other bloggers and Mr Lee Stafford himself.

There were lots of smiles, lots of wine and lots of pink. Lee Stafford and his team of ‘staffs’ teamed up with Chelmsford College back in 2012 to form the academy that has a clear focus on training individuals in both hair and beauty. Lee’s ethos behind the academy is based purely on his passion for education and his belief that people need a standardised training that doesn’t just involve ticking boxes, but training that really nurtures talent.

In reference to other old school training providers, Lee said he was fed up of coming across places that were ‘teaching students to make omelettes, but they weren’t good omelettes…’

I like a guy that talks in food metaphors.

Hearing Lee talk about his career starting from his parents front room to now owning salons across London and a whole hair care range, it’s hard not to be inspired. And as a big advocate for education myself, I was like hell to the yeah, let’s get people trained up and happy. Let’s ensure I never have a bad massage or facial again. And let’s ensure that no one makes bad omelettes any more.

I then went off and had a lush back massage and facial with some of the salon owners of the future.

I walked out feeling refreshed and totally relaxed, with a lot of faith in the Lee Stafford Hair & Beauty Academy.

Wanna say a huge ‘ta very much’ and all that for the fabulous treatments and the way we were looked after.


Oh here’s the 8 Do’s & Don’ts that I learnt at my first blogger event:

1. DO find yourself some gal pals. I had this vision of me being all lonely in the corner whilst all the other bloggers chit chatted about Instagram snaps and #OOTD. Cue mini violin. But actually, bloggers are real nice and this wasn’t the case at all.  I was lucky that the lovely Laura Butcher and Liv Mayes let me tag along with them. And you know what the best thing is? We’re all bloggers so there’s no chance of boring each other with stories on  photography problems and quips about our content upkeep. We so get it.


2. DON’T be afraid to photograph the shit out of everything. There is nothing worse than getting home and thinking ‘Oh wow, I have one blurry photo to work with here’. Good one Jade, you silly sausage.


3. DO ask lots of questions. And take notes. At the end of the day, this ain’t a jolly up. Well, it is a bit, but blogging is not jolly when you don’t have enough info.


4. DON’T eat the mini sausages on cocktail sticks. Because you will feel like you’re choking whilst having a facial. That annoying piece of sausage dammit.


5. DO bring your best camera. I was like ‘Do I wanna take my Cannon in? Nahhhhhhhh it’s too big and clunky to carry around’. I so should have taken it in because as much as we think the iphone trumps everything, it doesn’t I’m afraid. I need to get myself the clutch bag sized Olympus Pen which is at the utmost top of my WANT WANT WANT list in life right now.


6. DON’T forget to bring business cards. Networking is key and with so many bloggers there, how else are people gonna remember you if you don’t give them that handy pocket sized piece of card with all the deets on.


7. DO talk to everyone. I got back after the event and twitter went mental crazy with #LSHB and many of us were like ‘HEY I didn’t even get a chance to chat to you?!’ And that’s a real shame. Work the room ladies.


8.DON’T be late. Or you’ll miss the tour. I mean I didn’t think I was late but I certainly can’t have been early as I didn’t get to see the snazzy rooms which was a real bummer.


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Go on, I could do with some love.




  1. 8th March 2016 / 8:38 am

    Great post jadE! Was so lovely to meet you and hopefully we can catch up again sometime 🙂 ive actually got a blogger meet up in chelmsford on saturdaY, if youre about it would be lovely to see you 🙂 xx

    • 8th March 2016 / 2:28 pm

      Thanks Laura 🙂 Yeah would love to catch up again sometime real soon. I can’t make Saturday I’m afraid (boo!) as I’ve got a hen party this weekend. BUT the next one I’ll be there. I wanna have a good chat with some bloggers! Hope it all goes well – looking forward to hearing all about it. See you soon xx