Do you know the best way to start a day of shopping & make-overs?

By getting locked out both the house and the car.

IDK how these things happen to me, but they bloody do. All. The. Time.

After I got myself out of this little predicament (thank god for grandparents who are just on hand to help you out in these tricky little situations) I whizzed over to Freeport Braintree to see their visiting W7 beauty bus, get my make-up done all pretty & do a spot of shopping. Naturally, I bought my Mum along for the ride because she’s the shopping queen and we also have such a giggle during retail therapy time (remember last time we went Freeport?)

We spotted the W7 bus from a mile off. It’s black & pink, reminiscent of something fit for a Spice Girl. I mean it had a pink glitter wall and a giant disco ball inside, need I say more?

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We were welcomed onto the W7 beauty bus in the best way ever by a lovely member of the W7 gang. She was all like ‘oh my gosh I saw you guys coming and thought you looked so cool!‘ N’aw, cheers love! Now can you make our faces look nice, pretty please. We were whizzed up to the top deck to get our make-up done with the wonderful ladies from W7 Make-up.

My MUA jumped straight in to fix my brows (doya think she was trying to drop a hint?) and then focused on giving me a classic smokey eye. My Mum asked for a heavier, going out look as she was off to a party later. I swear she has a better social life than me.








My Mum always looks proper gorgeous, but I really loved the look they gave her. They used a copper cream eye shadow from the ‘Beat It!’ palette and a liquid eyeliner to really bring out her eyes. To finish off the look, they used a plum shade of lipstick. She looked ace, so I frogmarched her over to The Beauty Outlet in Freeport to purchase the tools to create the look at home.

So I don’t know if any of you have ever been to The Beauty Outlet, but the pricing is insane (as in insanely good value for money). I’m not quite sure if I can ever pay normal prices again. I bought the ‘Lashtastic’ mascara, ‘Aye Aye Captain’ liquid eyeliner, a duo powder brush (all W7 products) & an Essie polish (‘Peach Side Babe’) – this all came to a mere £16 odd quid. Like that’s just ridiculous. That wouldn’t even get me half a bottle of foundation in elsewhere lolz.


Bargains are what Freeport are all about. Our top bargain of the day were these Karen Millen heels – originally £150, reduced to £36. And then when my Mum got to the till, they had actually been further reduced to £28. It was like they were just giving them away. They have fur and everything – proper in for this season.

I wanted them myself but alas, they didn’t have them in a size 3 WAH.




We also lusted over this Ted Baker ‘casual but not so casual’ dress. And I really took a fancy to the lilac Ted Baker rucksack  (how flippin’ cute?!).

One of the highlights of our shopping trip was discovering the Phase Eight bridal collection. In fact, we did a bit of a squeal as we spied the white, beaded gowns in the window. Needless to say, I tried every gown on. None of them cost more than £400 and they were absolutely stunning. We are now set to visit the Phase Eight in London to hunt out some of the other styles. Obvs won’t say anymore on that…

Before I sign off for today, thought this little find was worth a mention –  just seen on the W7 website that all their products are cruelty free. W7 have never tested their products on animals since their inception in 2002. I mean surely that’s a good enough reason alone to give ’em a whirl?

A big ol’ thanks to Freeport Braintree for the invitation – always a pleasure.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Freeport Braintree. Obvs, all thoughts on my wonky brows and how they fixed them wonderfully are my own.