I’ve found it really, really, really difficult to get writing on this post.

I even drafted an intro and then put it in the ‘trash’.

And I haven’t really been sure why as I always knew that I wanted to write a blog post on our wedding, but I haven’t found the right way to write it and I’ve really struggled to find the words.

But I think the reason why is because it was the most perfect, most happy and (without sounding like an absolute twerp) most magical day – a day that really couldn’t be put into words even if I tried because, well, you had to be there. You had to feel it.

Whether that was as one of our guests crammed into the beautiful white washed Old Parish Rooms witnessing our vows, or sipping on a ‘sex in the field’ under our giant Tipi’s, or as one of the many bodies throwing yourself around on the dancefloor. You kinda had to be there.

But Imma do my best to put into words a little summin’ summin’ about our day because I wrote a lot about the planning in the lead up and it only feels right to shout about the things that I’d recommend and the awesome suppliers that might one day help you to create your perfect ‘I do’ day.


Marriage Venue: The Old Parish Rooms, Rayleigh

Reception Venue: Parents Back Garden, Tipis from Events Under Canvas

I’d always half joked with my old work colleagues that I wanted a low key wedding in my parents back garden.

Lololol I’m not even sure I know what low key is so shut up Jade.

But the idea of doing a total DIY wedding held it’s appeal – it meant I could have total control and it was, in a way, one of a kind. I never thought my parents would actually go for it, but there they were, happily agreeing to host our wedding (along with all my zany ideas) in their back garden. We feel incredibly lucky to have been able to do this – you da best Ma & Pa!

We opted for The Old Parish Rooms in Rayleigh to do our vows for three reasons; it was super close to our reception venue, it had white washed brickwork and church chairs (Hubba Hubba) and it was an intimate space. It suited our needs down to the ground and worked really well on the day. We had a few hiccups in the lead up – some miscommunication and crossed wires with their venue coordinator – but this was soon smoothed out.

And so what did we do with my parents back garden? Creating your own venue can be a bit daunting at first (like lol, we have no infrastructure. Where’s everyone gonna pee when they break the seal & is pure candlelight acceptable at a wedding because we need some lighting up in here).

We chose to use Events Under Canvas to create the setting for our reception. I can’t give them enough gold stars, thumbs up & high fives – they took so much of the ‘faff’ out of the DIY wedding. These guys were worth their weight in gold. They supply Tipi’s and everything to go with it – from the furniture and the dancefloor, to the lighting and the generator. They had us covered. Their crew spent 8 hours doing our ‘get in’ in 35+ degrees heat. Despite the challenging weather conditions, they were nothing but jolly, pleasant and super polite. If you’re looking for a tipi for your wedding then I would 100% recommend these guys.

Believe me, I’ve worked with standard marquee companies before and these guys were just another level on professionalism.

Oh and not to mention how amazing the tipi’s looked!

You can watch a quick time-lapse of the tipi setup here, curtesy of Blatella Films.



Dress & veil: Blush Bridal  

Shoes: Dune

Jewellery: Black & Sigi

Star headpiece: Tilly & Lux

Personalised Painted Jacket: FAB Bridal 

Do you remember when I said all the way back here that I was going to buy a highstreet dress? Yeah well… I didn’t. I fell, or more like, plummeted over the edge of a cliff, in love with a dress I found at Blush Bridal in Leigh-on-Sea. I’ve talked to some extent about dress finding in this post here, so I won’t go in to the in’s & out’s of dress finding.

But all I would say is that I believe every bride should feel something similar to how I felt on my wedding day – 100% special. Banging. Beautiful. Fizzing. Sparkling. And so comfortable that you can get those angles for your photos and still dance the night away like you’re at The Pink Toothbrush on a Friday night.

Don’t settle for anything less.

Massive ta very much again to Blush Bridal for providing such a cracking array of dresses to choose from. Very much worth a visit if you’re in the market for a special wedding gown.

A quick note on jewellery. I asked Black & Sigi, a local jewellery company, to create a back drop necklace a mere three weeks before my wedding. Nothing like a bit of LastMinute.Com, eh. I was super pleased with how their creation finished off my bridal look. It looks so beautiful in our wedding film as it catches the light. A big thanks to them for doing something bespoke for me so last minute.

Oh also. FAB Bridal rescued me 2 weeks before my wedding with my personalised painted jacket. I absolutely adore the work Faith put into the back of the jacket – she took so long going through different imagery of flowers so it was exactly what I was looking for. Attention to detail and customer service – bang on.

I’ve worn the jacket a couple of times since our wedding and I’ll continue to wear it and cherish it for life.



Caterers: JLS Catering

Cake: Spooned London

Cupcakes: Family

Pizza: Dominoes

Come on, we can say that what we enjoy most about weddings is the ceremony or seeing what the bride wore. But really it’s all about what you’re eating, right?

As we had no official reception venue, we had to source our own caterers. It was a huge decision to make and in all honesty, we weren’t even sure we had made the right decision right up until the morning of our wedding (sorry Jamie-Lee, but your laid back vibes gave me the fear!) However, JLS Catering completely exceeded our expectations and we were very happy with all the food and in particular, the excellent service.

Let’s talk cake.

I was keen to go for a small wedding cake because I’ve never known a wedding where it actually gets eaten and I sure as hell didn’t want good cake (and money) going to waste. I was over the moon with our compact cake from Spooned London (which we devoured with family the next day). It was the perfect size and absolutely delicious. It also only came in at £75 which if anyone knows how much wedding cakes cost, you’ll know this is a flippin’ bargain.

It meant one heck of a lot to have Max’s Nan create our cupcakes for our special day. Special occasions at the Field household are always marked by Nanny Gilly cupcakes, so I couldn’t have imagined our wedding without them. Plus – who tried them? They were bloody amazing. Even my cousin (who’s a snazzy chef and stink-eye critical at best) said they were bloomin’ marvy.

Serving our drinks were my long time faves The Craft Drinks Company. I loved the addition of ‘Sex in the Field’ as our featured cocktail. Cheeky!

In the evening, we were meant to have a vintage pizza van serving our ravenous guests straight off the dance floor. But quite sadly, our vintage pizza van broke down with a tyre alight on the A12. No joke. I sh*t you not.

It’s the only thing that didn’t go to plan on our wedding day. But, no fear. We didn’t appoint our Best Man for nothing. He arranged a bulk pizza order from Dominos to feed the masses. And along with his trusty sidekick, left the wedding to bring us the goods.

Above & beyond in his call of duty. Not all hero’s wear capes.


String Quartet: The Lady Godivas

Acoustic Set: Lydia Kitto

Band: SAD/ Smith & Sons

Our band choices were on two very separate ends of the scale.

I’ve listened to SAD (Max’s Dads band) play every year since I’ve been with Max. Jumping up and down at the local pub and knowing the set list back to front, inside out. I’m no stranger to ‘AND DRINK’ being bellowed from the lead singer and I’m proud to say I’ve been last on the dance floor shouting ‘ONE MORE SONG’ countless times. I’ve grown up listening to that band – it was totally apt to have them play at our wedding.

In contrast, me and Max found Smith & Sons on the internet – never heard them play in the flesh and only listened to a handful of songs on YouTube. Thank goodness they bought a whole ‘nother awesome dimension to the music at our wedding.

Both bands were epic. And everyone’s dance moves were epic to match.

Thanks to all our guests and both our bands for keeping our dance floor rocking all night.

Shout out and big ta very much to Lydia Kitto for playing our reception drinks. If you were there, isn’t her voice just goals?




I could write for pages about all the other suppliers we used, but instead I’ll highlight a few of our faves and make a note of all our suppliers at the bottom of the post.

Our table plan and other arty bits & pieces were created by the wonderful Vicky at Happy Girl. She’s an illustrator & creator based in Leigh-on-Sea. Luckily for me, she didn’t run a mile when I said ‘I’d really like you to draw me some dogs‘. Everything she did was bang on perfect, despite all my very muddly emails to her asking for x,y & z leading up to the day.

We hired an array of props from Brown Birds – a vintage furniture & prop company. I mean, is a wedding in 2018 really complete without a doughnut wall and a peacock chair? I just don’t know.

Our flowers had a similar story to our cake; a generous family member created my bouquet & button holes, along with an array of other extras at the Tipi. And then professional florist Blume in Rayleigh put together the flowers at The Parish Rooms, including the beautiful archway over the door.

‘It’s always been you’ banner – Oh Squirrel. Yes, yes, yes to their designs.



Our day was captured on film by the highly talented and very lovely duo – Blatella Films.

I cannot thank them enough for the care and time they put into ensuring our day was caught and edited perfectly onto film. When we received the video, I watched it approx. 127 times and cried with happiness each and every time.

Every detail, every guest, every moment was there, exactly as I remembered it and exactly how I want to remember it in years to come.

If you are in two minds about whether to book a wedding videographer, I can’t recommend it enough. It was one of the best decisions we made. And obviously Blatella would be top of my list of videographers to contact.

You can watch the 10 minute version of the film here.



And that, my friends, is FieldFest 2018.

The most epic day of my life to date.

Here’s to the next part of our adventure together as Mr & Mrs Field.

Over & out.


Photographer: Joe Kinerman

Hair: Edge Hair Leigh & White Room Hair Studio

Make Up: Jackie Coles Make up Artist

Table markers (dogs): Laser Works




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  1. 9th November 2018 / 8:32 am

    I loved reading this Jade, and your photos and words describe a beautiful, perfect day. Thank you for choosing Events Under Canvas to be involved. It was a pleasure getting to know you and Max during the planning stages and I am so pleased we could help you create your perfect day. Thank you for your kind words about our company, which I have shared with our crew. Wishing you a long and happy marriage together. Jenna -Director at Events Under Canvas