Is it just me, or are we suddenly into Autumn? SUN WHERE YOU AT MATE. Hoping this is just an August blip and the sun floods back into my life again sometime soon.

So do you remember last week when I wrote this post here? So you’ll know (especially if you saw me shouting about it on Insta) that on the weekend, we hit up Mayflower Shopping Park to visit the Eats from the Streets area, a pop up foodie festival. And obvs mooch the shops. Because Next Home & Outfit are goals for weekend mooching.

Good food and good shopping is a match made in heaven. And when we & Max arrived we were pretty impressed by the fun styling of the food festival and the range of food on offer. After much kerfuffle on what to eat, Max opted for a gourmet chicken burger and chips and me a stone baked pizza. Hubba hubba.

The sun came and went, and it did rain a little whilst we were there which put a few people off visiting. But there was a big double decker to sit on which was cool and plenty of activities for the children (and big kids among us. Hashtag guilty).

Right, now lets stop and talk about the pizza for a minute. Oh lordy, top class, fresh as they come, ‘baked in a proper oven like they should be’ pizza. I am not kidding you. And yes, before you ask, I am supposed to be gluten-free but everyone’s allowed to go wild every once in a while right? It was totally worth the belly ache I had all evening. So very worth it. I had the veggie pizza and then added some goats cheese too because well, cheese is life.

Max opted for first a chicken wrap which he claims was pretty average. Feeling like he was missing out a bit, he then went in for lunch number two (man after my own heart). His lemon shredded chicken burger with rosemary chips looked epic. I may have had a wee bit too. We both suffer from food envy of the biggest degree.

After stuffing our faces, we went for a look around the shops and I almost bought a pink barbie blazer from Topshop (Max stopped me. Apparently I don’t have £50 to spend on blazers when soon I will no longer be needing to dress smart for my dayjob WAH). But I did invest in another slogan tee and some statement tassel earrings because girrrrlllll you can never have too much of them. And read the slogan…it’s totally me right now.

We had every intention of sloping back into the Eats from the Street festival and grabbing some insane doughnuts from Mamma’s Doughnuts. But alas, we felt as though we might just pop and I was waaaaay over my gluten intake for the day. So instead we sloped off home to fall into a food coma in front of the TV.

Thanks for the invite Mayflower Shopping Park. We are 6 pounds heavier but very, very happy.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Mayflower Shopping Park. All thoughts on how pizza is life are of course my own.