Fancy pants here.

Yesterday I attended the snazzy opening of the brand new HomeSense store in Chelmsford, Essex. Uh huh, exclusive preview for little ol’ me. Life is getting less dull by the minute.

Me & a troupe of other bloggers (Love From Liv &  My Mummy Spam to name some of my faves) headed over to the event to have a mooch around, drink bubbles and spend a giftcard in the lush new store.

If you’re a long standing reader (10 pornstar martinis for you) then you’ll know that I’m a long standing HomeSense fan. My magical chest, my light up wall sign & office desk lamp are just some of the notable purchases I’ve made. You can read about that here & here. This was back when I pretended I was Laurence Llewylen-Bowen on a daily basis whilst we did up our bungalow of love.

So if you’ve never visited a HomeSense store, I’m gonna describe it for ya in two words; Aladdin’s cave.

HomeSense is not for people who like to stick to the norm. Y’know, people that colour their walls cream and have eggshell sofas and beige cushions. HomeSense is for people who want to fill their home with exciting design ideas, one off pieces, pattern, pom poms & colour. HomeSense is bold.

It’s perfect for buying key pieces for the home that you can be sure visitors will comment on ‘Oh wow, love your zebra shaped lamp/Arabian style chair/ornate mirror’. And the best thing is, it’s all branded stuff at cut prices.



I so, so, so wanted this nest of tables. I’m a sucker for patterned tiles. But my living room is yellow & grey. Could I redecorate to fit these in? Some other notable items were the fabric covered stools in various prints and the glass bubbles filled with stones and cacti. Well done HomeSense. So very me.

There is a risk with HomeSense though.  You’ll enter feeling like a very ordinary person looking for a few homewear items (some scatter cushions, maybe a candle or two). But you’ll leave feeling like a sassy interior designer, bags full to the brim with patterned throws, geometric print pillows and primary coloured clocks.

It’s a risk worth taking though. It can do wonders for your home.



So I had a hard time picking out something to take home with me. Our bungalow is pretty full to the brim and although I’m tempted to overhaul the lounge with a Moroccan theme, I kinda feel like my other half might wallop me over the head with this suggestion.

But as you all know, Maxwell & I have been doing up our garden and we’ve been approaching it with just as much design eye as our interior. View this post here to see the whole ‘lets-stick-a-vintage-bike-on-the-wall’ look that we’ve gone for. Our gardens basically gonna be an eclectic mix of things we love, old & new. So what better place to source things than HomeSense, which is epitomises eclectic at it’s very best.

Steering myself away quite sharply from the soft furnishings section, I picked out these two pom pom trim patchwork garden seat cushions because omg pom poms & these colours. I mean, we don’t have any garden furniture atm, lols. So technically nothing for them to sit on yet. But hey, gal can plan ahead right?

I also selected this tribal print pot that can be hung on a wall/fence. I’m a wee bit obsessed with visiting garden centres at the moment and buying insane amount of plants in arrays of pretty colours. So basically this gives me another excuse to browse plants for hours to pick something out for the cute little plant pot.


I then proceeded to treat myself to a new notebook (‘cause I work hard & deserve it all *sassy emoji*). They actually had a fab stationery section in there. Loads of great notebooks, pens & all the post-it’s.


No but really. I love stationery.

And I love the quote on this. Amen to this. Eat doughnuts, twerk at discos & roam free in the meadows catching Pokemon if that’s what your heart tells you.




Lastly, I also picked out a treat for Maxwell. I’m an ace GF like that. Totally wife material, just saying. I bought him a new lunchbox with a world map print on the top. Clearly aimed at children and adults with young souls like me.


Thank you HomeSense Chelmsford for having me; it was a blast.

If you feel like you need to zap some life into your home, or you have an urge to purchase a leather bound arm chair/tapestry top stool/boxes in an array of colours then head over to HomeSense, Chelmsford to check out their new store.

That’s all for today folks. Hope you all decide to restyle your lounges & kitchens over the weekend. Happy design sessions everyone.

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  1. Lorraine
    28th July 2016 / 4:47 pm

    I loved the head in a jar!!!!!!

  2. 29th July 2016 / 1:04 pm

    THIS PLACE LOOKS AMAZING!!!! So gutted I wasn’t there but Im crazy excited (nervous) to go have a look 🙂 xx

    • 1st August 2016 / 4:04 pm

      It was fab Laura, gutted you missed it too. You must get down there and buy some bits 🙂 Not long until your wedding! x