The blogging world tends to get a bit more exciting when you meet with other like-minded bloggers. Y’know, it stops being less ‘I have my head in a computer/iphone all day like an unsociable moron‘ and more like ‘oh my, you feel my pain about the latest changes to IG and why the heck am I not using that plugin on my blog?’

It’s exciting.

Throw in a talk on the new season trends and a couple of snazzy brands and things start getting really interesting and HELL TO THE YEAH this is why I like doing this.

On Saturday I attended the Intu Lakeside Blogger event to talk A/W trends with their very own in house stylist and to meet and find out about some of the other stores in the centre.


Oh Lakeside, the place of hopes & dreams. It was literally the most exciting place to go twice a year with my Mum when I was around 14. I used to keep everything crossed that she might buy me that polka dot cami from Topshop or those new school shoes that everyone was wearing from New Look.

She’s ace so 9 times out of 10 I came home clasping those oh so very special shopping bags.

And guess what? It’s still an exciting place to be. Shopping shopping shopping – my one and only vice.

So enough babble. BABES, let’s talk about what we should be wearing this Autumn/Winter (which FYI needs to hurry the ‘f’ up ’cause I’m sick of this misleading weather):



It’s everywhere. I didn’t realise until after this talk but then I wandered into a few shops and BAM it hit me right in the face. In New Look they’ve got some velvet skater dresses and Primark are sporting their own velvet tees. Carlene noted that no, velvet isn’t for everyone but you don’t need to be wearing it head to toe like some velvet hoarding monster. There’s plenty of velvet covered clutch bags and even boots and heels to satisfy everyone.

Top picks from this trend would be this Plum Velvet Lace Trip Bralett from New Look and these River Island velvet tie heels. Or how about this adorable Cat Velvet Across Body Bag from ASOS? Um, yes please.


Get your best Scary Spice face on, animal print is big for A/W. Obvs, the most common of all is the humble leopard print, but how about embracing a bit of zebra or snakeskin print? Just so ya know, I fled to Primark after this event and panic bought some leopard print flats. They are banging.

Here’s what’s featuring on my ‘wish list’. Please, please, please can someone throw this ASOS midi tea dress in animal print my way? This animal print midi would also look adorbs in my wardrobe. If you’d prefer to embrace animal print in a more subtle form, say hello to these cute cream animal print sunnies from New Look.


Apparently, according to Carlene, there’s a certain shade of purple that suits everyone. Like no matter what skin tone, hair colour, shape or size, this purple shade is your best gal pal. This is something I can totally get on board with, and I really, really wanna find myself a lovely purple hue coloured coat to see in the cooler months. There’s something so regal and so Blair Waldorf about the colour purple.

This coat from ASOS covers two trends; animal print & purple. Top marks. And this cute little smock dress would look adorable teamed with tights and metallic shoes.



As in, let’s go grab some tweed and do some clay pigeon shooting. Uh huh, country gal inspired dressing. Perhaps the heritage look might be a bit much for your wardrobe, but we discussed the possibility of wearing this trend in monochrome to tone it down slightly, for the more reserved wardrobes out there.

Basically this jacket from ASOS. All the love. (And it’s in the sale, so yeah, come at me).


Isn’t ‘Midnight Sparkle’ always ‘in’ this time of year? I mean, what the flip is New Years Eve without ‘Midnight Sparkle’? Basically, shine like a star the whole way through A/W (as per).

I could list a gazzilion sparkly things on my top picks, but here’s just a few – these sparkly heels from Topshop are hubba hubba and this sequin dress from Zara could be worn to death over the Christmas period. Imagine layering it  with a tee underneath for dress down, with ankle boots and a biker jacket. Hell to the yes.

Oh and this glitter mini backpack from River Island. Cutie.


After our A/W Trend talk we were broken into 4 groups for the opportunity to chat with some of the stores at Intu Lakeside and to speak with Carlene about dressing for our body shape. It was a great opportunity to have a chin-wag with the other bloggers too.

Our first stop was with Kiehls where we chatted with their lovely representative about all things skincare. I discovered I have medium-oily skin (whatta surprise, always got a bit of a shine across my forehead) and was advised which Kiehls products suited me best.

TOP FACTOID OF THE DAY – I was pretty flabbergasted to learn that Keihls have never advertised in their whole 160 years existence – all their sales are on recommendation and they have stacks of ace reviews on their products online. Pretty impressive, right?

Everything is produced using a balance of natural ingredients and hard science. I received a tailor made goody bag to take home with me so I’ll let you know how I get on with that. Can’t wait to try me some Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which is basically gonna turn me into a glowly skinned princess overnight.


Our second stop was with Carlene, the personal stylist at Intu Lakeside, where I learnt that I have a triangular body shape. Got swimmers shoulders me. Basically a mermaid.

The personal stylist lounge is a free service for Intu Lakeside visitors. Anyone can get themselves booked in for some stylist time with Carlene who can advise on anything from special occasion wear to everyday dressing. A bit like a fashion fairy godmother (in all the sassy clothes and minus the wings).

BTW, don’t look at me in this photo below but look at Carlene’s shoes <3<3<3



Our third stop was with Toni & Guy where we watched a demonstration on how to get party-ready, wavy hair using the humble straighteners (the knack is to keep the flow going by wiggling the straighters from side to side whilst you curl, who’d have thunk it?).

Our fourth stop was with Victoria Secret where we had our busts measured. We also learnt what it really means to have a good fitted bra. Y’know, it shouldn’t be rising up at the back, your straps shouldn’t be marking your shoulders and HELL NO to wires poking you in the skin and ruining your day.

I confessed that I was actually more of a bralett wearer now. I no longer want push up bras (like my former 14 year old self lols) but instead opt for a more comfortable fit. No fear, VS has stacks of different styles to suit all. Kinda want this little minx in my underwear drawer. You can never have too much underwear right?




We finished the event by watching a snazzy A/W fashion show in the middle of the centre. Flashy dance moves teamed with flashy outfits.

I scarpered pretty quick after the event to head to Primark and New Look for all the A/W trends I could find. What am I like. Got a haul post coming up later in the week so watch out for that.


I want to say a huge super duper thanks to Intu Lakeside for inviting me in for the afternoon. I had a blast. Here’s to many other successful #IntuVIB events *all the celebratory emojis*












  1. Hannah
    12th September 2016 / 5:57 pm

    Looks like a fab event! Gutted i had work, soB. Fingers crossed for next time. That personalised keiHls bag is a lovely touch, too!

    Hannah x

    • 13th September 2016 / 12:14 pm

      Always a next time Hannah! Look forward to seeing you soon lovely 🙂 xx