My family only do slamming Hen Weekends. Like proper big style.

And my Auntie’s Hen do last weekend was no exception. We partied like it was 1999 and then some.

Our first activity was a trip to Mixology in Shorditch which FYI is a cool event space for cocktail making experiences that everyone should try. I’m now a PRO at mixing the drinks up, and what better skill can one possess than that?


The day started with a cocktail on arrival – how else would a Hen Do begin? There were also all these delicious platters of meats and cheese laid out which we all jumped on like vultures – gotta line that stomach eh ladies.

Our lovely host Johan then explained how the session would run:

Watch Johan make cocktails, try and make said cocktails and then guzzle said cocktails. 

It’s fair to say I was getting pretty boozy by the end. The cocktails were getting OUT OF HAND.

Anywho, I now know that ‘one part’ means 4 counts, uh huh. And not counts of elephants. Just counts. If this means nothing to you then perhaps you should get yourself along to Mixology.





Espresso Martini – so the key to this is in the shaking – you gotta ‘shake it like a Polaroid picture’, and then a bit more. That’s how it gets the frothy top, duh. Clearly I haven’t been doing enough rows/tricep dips/torture at the gym as my Espresso Martini ended up looking like flat coke, but it still tasted pretty delicious. Sip sip sip.

Passion Fruit Margarita – This ones all about how you handle the mint. Appaz you don’t wanna bash it around too much, just give it one firm spank in your hands. And yes, I am giggling like a 14 year old as I write that.

Gin Fizz – I can’t remember much about this one because 1) I was feeling a bit tipsy and 2) Johan told me off for taking too many selfies and not concentrating on his informative tutorial. Opps. Soz not Soz.

The Zombie – OH MY GOSH WE SET IT ON FIRE. Like fo’ real, I put a match to this drink and it had flames and everything. Next up I’ll be setting fire to bars like I’m in Coyote Ugly or something. Jesus, I love that film.





The last thing we did in our session was a Cocktail Freestyle Competition. And yes, it was as cool as it sounds. In teams we had to come up with the latest hip and happenin’ cocktail we could think of.

Unfortunately, my team crumbled under the pressure. Typical. The best we could come up with was a ridiculously alcohol fueled concoction. It was pure poison.

The best thing? Instead of a slice of fruit on the side, we opted to put a slice of ham. We were trying to be ultra original.

Y’know, do something a bit out there, a bit alternative.

Anyways, we swiftly got told off for that escapade and the ham was replaced with a dull slice of blood orange.The cocktail was incidentally named ‘No Ham’ (in a dodgy Spanish accent).

It’s no surprise that my team lost.


If you’re looking for something snazzy to do in London that involves learning a new skill whilst getting completely sozzled, this is the activity for you.

Top marks for the venue, top marks for our lovely host Johan.

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