Talk about perfect timing for a wee blogger event.

After returning from Sardinia, my hair has been dryer than the Sahara dessert and it’s been looking a bit sad the past few days. Oh HI super, duper team at Strangeways Hair in Leigh-on-Sea, you’ve come to my rescue yeah?

The Strangeways Team invited me and a handful of other local bloggers into the salon on Tuesday evening to, y’know, hang out and enjoy the newly jazzed up salon and get our hair done all pretty and that.

On arrival, I was handed a glass of bubbly (which FYI is enough to convince me to have my hair done anywhere) and introduced me to my hair stylist for the evening, Pru. She had seriously good girl hair. Green with envy I was.

I should have got my roots done before holiday. And I really should have got my roots done before visiting a hair salon for a hair event. But nope. I sat there whilst Pru insisted that they really weren’t that bad, but come on they’re pretty darn hideous right now.

Using some snazzy wella system app we went through my hair care routine & bug bears about my current ‘do’ to decide what treatments would be best for me. It was kinda like taking one of those little quizzes in a magazine where it whittles it down to which celeb is the love of your life (I always ended up with Nick Carter <3<3<3)

We decided that I needed some Liquid Hair (a hair repair that was basically gonna bring back the unicorn shine to my locks).  I was then whisked off by Sam to have my hair washed. We chit chatted about Disney, ASOS addictions, our love of cocktails at The Black Cat and his plans to dye his hair to look like a human Mars Bar. Sam was my kinda guy. He gave me a babin’ head massage and sent me on my way.


I used to hate going to the hair dressers. Like full on hate it. I think it was something about the heat in there and having to sit still for a lengthy amount of time and the fact that no matter what anyone did with my hair I looked like a boy. Nowadays, I’m a huge fan. I like to think of going to the Hairdressers as a treat, a full on relaxation experience; let someone else worry about my crap hair do.

Pru made my hair dazzling. We talked away about how she’d worked at Strangeways for 9 years (OMFG) and how she loved the laid back, chilled out atmosphere in the salon. We were both fans of ‘clean eat’ restaurants. She explained how Strangeways was a huge advocate of training staff up and how she was totally happy living and working in Leigh-on-Sea. I said, well yeah duh,  Leigh-on-Sea has just been named the most happiest place to live in the UK – big smiles all round.

Pru gave me beach waves. Proper, big ol’ waves which kinda made me look slightly old hollywood too. Loved it. Why can I never get my hair like this at home?


I had a good chin wag with the owner Martyn, a larger than life character bursting with enthusiasm for life and of course, bloody good hair. He told me about the roots of the salon (YES AMAZING PUN) and how it used to be a cinema back in the day. They’d kept the gorgeous, iconic bay window at the front as a nod to the history of the building – I approve muchly.

15 years on and they’re the longest standing hairdressers in Leigh-on-Sea. Not something to be scoffed at.

Oh and I bumped into one of my fave local bloggers, Kristy from Miss Kristy Anna and we chit chatted about an Essex Bloggers Meet up again and how I need to make this happen. Good to see you gal. Let’s get our skates on and go for drinks.

I trotted home that evening with party worthy hair. I needed someone to take me for cocktails but instead I went back to the bungalow, ate soup and tried to sleep on my hair without ruining it for the next day.

Thanks for having me Strangeways Hair, what a lovely midweek treat *all the smiley emojis*


  1. Sara
    26th August 2016 / 8:38 pm

    Your hair looks lovely Jade xx