This Ted Baker genie jumpsuit makes all my wishes come true.


What’s not to love about an ‘all-in-one’ that makes you feel like a glamorous version of MC Hammer? Um, yes please, come at me.


You know those days when you feel like you’ve eaten too much hoisen duck? And then your coolest and most prettiest friends suddenly invite you on a night out but you’re in your PJ’s feeling all bloaty with choi mein hanging out your mouth?

Yeah, you know those evenings. You drag yourself off the sofa and it’s like:

‘WTF am I gonna wear that makes me look a little less Pat Butcher and a lil’ more J Lo?’

Well, this is a seriously good option. I mean it’s an ‘all-in-one’ so it’s practically PJ’s anyway, and the harem cut makes for super comfort. So ta Mum, good buy. It’s also got a super sexy cut out back, just so you know.


This is what my good ol’ friend Wikipedia has to say about jumpsuits:

“Jumpsuits are generally regarded as a garment of convenience, as they are simpler to launder, put on and remove than an ensemble outfit.”

So darn true.

“Unless the jumpsuit has a drop seat, however, it is necessary to remove it entirely for bathroom use”

Needless to say, this jumpsuit does not have a ‘drop seat’. Now you’re all wondering what that is, aren’t you?

I have one word for you people:



And I’m OBVS not gonna brush past this pair of lush Miss KG sparkly sandals from my Mumma’s collection. So my very first post on this blog was on some Miss KG sparkly courts (here) and I’m figuring that my Mum’s thought process went something like this:

‘I can certainly justify having two pairs of Miss KG sparkly heels because the courts are for winter and the sandals are for summer. Don’t you dare try to stop me buying them. GIVE ME ALL THE SPARKLY SHOES GOD DAMMIT.’

She’s an angel, bless her.



Just to note, I bought this new pink lipstick from No7 and it’s lush. It’s called ‘Wild Berry’ or something, and it makes me smile, with teeth and everything.

And the bag? I found it stuffed under the spare bed. Like what is going on? Sort it out Mum, this bag should take pride of place somewhere. Like on a mantle piece or summin’.


Ta for reading

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  1. 27th June 2015 / 1:32 pm

    Some great heels to go with this wonderful jump suit. Excellent style. 😉