This post was actually going to be about a lush pair of Karen Millan high sandals, but as Mother and I searched through the Narnia wardrobe we came across a wonderful pair of badass boots. Leopard print. Chunky. Basically too cool to ignore.

NUMBER 3_Fotor

Mum also chucked in some beaut leopard print courts and I remembered she also owned some cute shoe boots, also of the leopard print kind (sometimes I know her wardrobe better than my own).

So I’d like to present in this post; the Leopard Print Collection…

NUMBER 6_Fotor

CourtsRiver Island

Shoe bootsTopshop


Unfortunately, none of these are available any more but if you’re looking to get a bit of leopard print in your life then these are cute. And these are in the sale – so buy two pairs (Mother’s logic, not mine)

NUMBER 5_Fotor

(This is George the Whippet BTW. He loves leopard print. You can follow him on instagram – @georgethewhippet)

There is something timeless about leopard print. I remember owning the best pair of leopard print pumps when I was about 14 and I used to pair them with a matching belt and headband, black top and endless amount of black eyeliner.

Nowadays I’m trying to steer away from the ’14 year old emo’ look, but I do still love a touch of leopard print in my wardrobe.



1. Red lippy

Everything feels far more fabulous with red lippy smacked across the lips. And adding leopard print to the mix is the perfect combo.


2. Black Skinnys

These lovelies are a Topshop fave (MOTO black super skinny Jamie jeans – £45) I love the Jamie style from here ’cause they’re super soft and high waisted, so I can pull em up over my belly button to hold in the muffin top when I’ve scoffed a whole can of Pringles

(Don’t tell my PT)

Black skinnys and a leopard print shoe are a no brainer – effortless

NUMBER 8_Fotor3. Gold jewellery

The camel hues of the leopard print marry up perfectly with some statement gold Jewellery. The set of rings and the necklace below also came from Topshop. They were a panic buy on a Friday afternoon when I couldn’t find a single item of clothing to buy for my night out. When all else fails, buy some jewellery!

NUMBER 13_Fotor4. Anything kahki

Kahki and leopard print are best buddies don’t you know.

This coat was my best buy of 2014. I was looking for a leather jacket when I came across this in Zara and I just had to have it. It’s so warm and I can dress it up or down so yeah, perfect coat.

This is obvs gone from Zara now but as we’re moving into Spring/Summer how about this cute yellow parka? So pretty!

The bag is from ASOS and comes from Mother’s collection also.

NUMBER 11_Fotor


5. A glass of prosecco

So I must admit I was struggling to think of a 5th thing to ‘pair with leopard print’ so I asked my Mother. Her response:

‘A glass of prosecco’


She does kind of touch very loosely on an important point though – keep it classy ladies. When wearing leopard print don’t think ‘Spice Girls’, think ‘Sophistication’

(This isn’t me knocking the Spice Girls because FYI they were the best thing to happen to the 90’s)

NUMBER 14_Fotor

So after taking these photos for this post (there’s a whole agonising story about my camera running out of battery and me feeling like the world was gonna end WAH, but I’ll spare you the details on that one) I actually decided to wear the courts on a night out. So this blog is actually helping me branch out into the shoe jungle! Before it was like “Hm shall I wear my vans or my black heels?”

So yeah, go me


Happy Easter all!

Perfect opportunity to eat chocolate and go shopping – enjoy

P.S. First person to message me with the correct amount of times I’ve mentioned the word ‘leopard print’ gets a twix. Uh huh, I don’t scrimp on my giveaways!