So it’s been blooming beautiful today and for the first time this year I wore sandals to work


My nails were painted and my toes weren’t looking too abnornal so I thought ‘Heck, why not? Lets get these babies out’. So yeah, my feet saw the light of day today.

And it kinda got me thinking about my mum’s extensive sandal/flip flop collection and I thought I’d have a bit of a rummage. You know, see what I could potentially steal for myself this summer.

So I came across this pair of (what Topshop call)) ‘Sliders’ and they were all shiny and screaming ‘CHOOSE ME’. It doesn’t take a lot to win me over. So the theme of today’s post is Silver & Sunshine…


Sliders (£25) – River Island (Similar)

Ray Ban Club Masters (£125-£170) – Ray Bans

Not only do these Sliders look cool but they are actually super comfy too, so they score high in my shoe estimations. And as much as I love sandals with cute little buckles, they do tend to be a pain in the butt to get on and off. These, however, are a dream.


Slipping these on and lazing about in the dreamy sunshine today put me in full on holiday mode. Now I may not have a summer holiday booked but that doesn’t mean I can’t think about my summer shopping supplies does it?


1. This beaut swimsuit with lemons all over it – adorable. Or I am pretty tempted by this ‘mermaid dreams’ one, because who doesn’t want to be a mermaid?!

2. I’m dying to get my hands on a dungaree dress. This is kinda cute from Urban Outfitters.

3. Something suede. Anything suede. But preferably this skirt from Topshop.

4. This unicorn bag from ASOS Marketplace. Life’s too short not to have fun.

Anyway, I couldn’t dedicate a post to silver shoes without touching on a pair of my Mother’s faves of the moment – the high silver Topshop sandal. So here’s the Silver shoe, day to night.


There is something beautifully simplistic about these heels, and they’ve got serious attitude. And with their ankle breaking height, they make even the shortest of legs look lengthly. And hey, we all need an extra boost sometimes (some of us more than others…)


HeelsTopshop (These are similar anyway)

JeansTopshop (Leigh)

Clutch – Nine West

Sorry guys, this bag must be an oldie and I can’t find anything similar. But if you’re looking for a statement clutch bag how about this from ASOS? I can’t get enough of shiny things today!

So I found another stash of bags under the spare bed today, which is where I discovered the bag in the photos above and below. I must ask my Mother why she’s hidden this gem away, because I’ve fallen deeply and madly in love with it. I’m a bit of a sucker for oversized bags anyway, with my theory being that oversized bags will make my waist look slimmer (lols). But these also tick a huge style box of the moment – snakeskin print.


I’ve kinda been shunning the snakeskin print trend because frankly I’m not a huge fan. But it seems to be everywhere at the moment, staring me in the face everytime I go shopping. It’s here and here and here.

I get it, snakeskin print is cool.

Anyway, this bag is the perfect way to help me embrace the snakeskin trend.



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  1. Pam
    17th April 2015 / 6:44 pm

    ….promise Jade I’m not hiding bags!!! I love that one also – thanks for reminding me I had it!!! Xx

  2. Pam
    17th April 2015 / 7:54 pm

    …and I’ve just remembered I’ve got sandles to match that bag!! x