Currently sitting in my cropped trousers and light mac praying that the weather forecast is right & that it’s gonna be sunshine warm vibes today. If not, screw you weather man.

Today hasn’t started well. I got lipstick on my cream carpet (the dam thing just jumped out my hand, the little rascal) and then I couldn’t find the carpet cleaner. Soz Max I’m the worst wifey material ever.

But I thought I’d finally make some time on my busy commute to do some blogging. I’ve been consumed in listening to podcasts this week (why have I never listened to Serial before?!) And I’ve had blog photos ready to go all week so it’s probs about time I get down to writing; here’s what I’m rambling on about today.

Mesh. The type we used to wear in the 90s, along with tassel cargo ‘pants’ with smell gel pens in hand. I distinctly remember owning a camouflage long sleeved little mesh number when I was going through giant Jade stage (ironically I had a blonde bob then too, weird). I’m talking late 90s here. I was still a chicken nugget and baked beans kinda girl that loved watching Mona the Vampire & As Told By Ginger after school. I was living the dream.

I probably wore the camouflage mesh top to an awkward school disco where jumping up and down on the dance floor and throwing balloons at people was the way to be coolest gal in school (along with having a full collection of smell gel pens, obvs).

And as we all know, because it’s baaaaasically shouted at us from every fashion media outlet RN, the 90s is making a big old comeback. Well it has been for the past 6 months or so. Slip dresses layered over t-shirts, high waisted ‘MOM’ jeans, chokers – it’s all happening, including mesh. ASOS, Topshop & New Look are practically styling models like Sabrina the Teenage Witch ATM. YAAAAAAS been waiting for this day for so long.

So here’s my first mesh purchase. Actually, correction. My mums first mesh purchase. She went on a late night Topshop online shopping binge one night in Geneva and in all the excitement of finding this baby she put two in her basket instead of one. Quote mother – ‘it’s in duck egg blue I have to have it’. Obvs, I love it when she does that whole double basket thing because I always get first dibs on the extra item of clothing delivered. Score.

So clearly it’s meant to be a midi but here, in true Jade 5 foot nothing fashion, it’s practically a maxi. But hey I don’t mind, it kinda gives it proper mermaid vibes don’t you think? I can get on board with that. And yeah I could wear it bare legged with heels or sandles but I’m actually really digging the worn over jeans look. If I’m gonna do 90s then I’m gonna go all out. These are girlfriend style jeans btw. Important to add.

And listen up. Mesh is something we can all get our mitts on. It’s super affordable, even in Topshop (I know, shock horror). New Look & even Primark have got their own versions, making this a style everyone can get on board with. Even me, in my ‘I’m gonna go work in London & have no money‘ state (LDN you have swallowed up my monthly shopping budget, you swine). 

I’ve linked through to my faves below so go have a browse, I swear I’m not telling porkies about the price tag.

Style yours with cut off frayed jeans, round sunnies, grunge jewellery and classic white Adidas. You’ll be queen of the disco by far.


Get the look

Mesh Midi Dress – Topshop  (Similar, my version is gone boo) | Girlfriend Jeans – H&M* | Camera Bag – Accessorize Faux Leather Jacket – TopshopTrainers – converse | Sunglasses – H&M*

*H&M links are not working currently. Not 100% sure why. Sozzzz

And some mesh I’m loving RN… 

Mesh Ruffle T-Shirt – Topshop | Lace Spot Mesh Long Sleeve Body – Topshop | Mesh T-shirt With Cold Shoulder Ruffle – ASOS | Mesh Overlay Midi Dress – Topshop | Embroidered Mesh Midi Dress – ASOS  | Spotty Dress T-Shirt – Boohoo

Just realised I’ve forgotten my season ticket for my commute so imma go grovel to a ticket barrier man now. Hope your day gets easier than mine. Enjoy the sunshine  people.