Hey there super stunners.

It’s a Monday morning and it’s absolutely piddling it down with rain. Like, dare I say it, it’s raining cats and dogs.

I also have two pooches snoozing either side of me and it’s kinda calming.

So I thought HECK I ain’t done a style post in a while and that’s probably because I’ve had bigger fish to fry. Also, I’ve been holding off of clothes shopping because WHOA don’t have a full time job anymore. But I may have succumbed to a H&M purchase last week so now I’ve got clothes on the brain.

Here goes ladies. Four things I’m obsessed with wearing right now. And no, not one of these things is a pair of wellies or a dog walking jacket. It’s all sassy gal stuff that I’ve been wearing out to prosecco catch ups and dinners with bae.





When I saw Hannah Gale wearing this sexy slice of tee last week I was all like ‘OH MY GOSH THIS IS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW’. Then I saw it was in the sale for around £8 so obvs I had to have it. I made my first online purchase for a gazillion years. It felt glorious.

I was worried the material might be a bit cheap or that it might be like, a fitted tee. But nah ah, it’s all soft and loose like a goose. Proper easy to chuck on and then everytime I look in a mirror I’m like ‘girllllll you keep going’. (Although it’s all backwards in a mirror but you catch my drift).

Snap it up here before it goes.



Purchased last year and a permanent fixture in my wardrobe ever since. But I’ve been chucking them on a lot more recently. I can only wear them if I’m not planning on woofing down a bucket of food because they are pretty tight (so TBH narrows down occasions I can wear them a lot). I’d quite like to get myself some loose fit, boyfriend style although they *might* make me look a bit dumpy.

I’m a sucker for these and a pair of converse. And a stripey tee. Basic , I know. Match made in absolute heaven though.

Similar pair here. Kinda digging these stunbuns from Topshop though. Bit more wiggle room for extra fries if you know what I mean.




Guys, guys, GUYS. They are still happening. They are still very much a thing. And H&M are still 100% leading in the Pat Butcher Earring craze.

Dress up a tee with them. Or update your ‘yawn’ LBD with a pair. They are your friend right now. EMBRACE.

They say they’re all sold out on H&M online. They are lying to us. They are totally still in store so go get ’em.

I want these. Who fancies treating me?




Hands down, my best purchase of the Summer. Kinda feel like an 80s throwback in it. Like I should totes be a member of the the Saved By The Bell cast. And that’s A-okay with me.

Easy to chuck on over absolutely anything. And because it’s pink denim I don’t ever have that fear that I’m doing double denim all wrong (has anyone else completely not mastered the double denim trend?) Anywho, this is how I’m getting round it.

And I only paid about £25 for it. Score.

It’s all sold outline but this is kinda similar.



So yeah.That’s what I’m wearing right now. I better get back to being a dog mumma for the day now.

Happy dayz folks.

Oh and here’s a comedy photo of me trying to take flatlays and Nellie being all obstructive. So flippin’ cute.