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Here’s my very first style post of 2017.

Yup, I know I’ve been a bit on the quiet front lately but y’know, gals been busy saving all the dogs and being all engaged and getting over Christmas. So yeah soz.

Oh and it’s SO FLIPPIN’ dark at the moment that I’m finding it a bit tricky to fit in photo taking time. I get home from work and I’m like nope, time to go to bed.

These snaps were taken in about 2 minutes flat before me and Max headed out to my parents to consume all the fish pie and gf brownie and custard. No joke, we were about 5 minutes from leaving and I had to beg Max to take a few photos of me looking all too the side, like I do, before getting in the car. Bless him, such a superstar. Such a good fiance.

So let’s talk gingham. Let’s talk about how it needs to feature in your wardrobe this Spring/Summer 2017. Because let’s face it, it’s popping up here, there and everywhere right now.

And I’m not talking twee gingham. I’m talking gingham in interesting shapes; bell sleeves, ruffles and smock dresses, it’s all happening.

I scooped up this number on Saturday. At 5 o’ clock I realised I needed to find myself a faux leather skirt for my night out and with 30 mins until close I legged it up the high street to scope out New Look. I left with said faux leather skirt and this gingham bae. Smiles all round.

It feels like the perfect transition piece into Spring. I’m also telling myself I deserve it because I need a slightly different work wardrobe at my new job. I’m still getting to grips with ‘smart/casual but more causal than smart y’know?‘ WHAT DO I WEAR TO THIS PLACE HUH.

Apparently this. I am in love.

The only thing that would give it more heart emojis is by pairing it with this red duster coat <3

As I mentioned before, this is from New Look but guess what? It’s not up online yet and their IG says ‘coming soon’ on other similar gingham clothes. Good one.

But y’know, if you’re swinging by Rayleigh store in the next few days that’s where I got it.

Here’s some of my fave little gingham pieces that are online;

This Pull & Bear ruffle gingham shirt. If this doesn’t shout smart/casual I don’t know what does.

This chic shirt smock dress. Cute.

And this tie sleeve gingham blouse. Imagine this with boyfriend jeans and Adidas superstars. Yup, instant cool.


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Happy Monday guys. Mum’s coming to get the grand Battersea Tour this afternoon and then we’re going for some drinky poos. I’m going to try so hard to forget that I feel like I’ve been run over by a lorry. Boo.

Have an ace week!