So don’t wanna make a big deal out of it or nothing but CHRISTMAS IS NEARLY HERE.

The time of year where buckets of sparkle, eating 1294729 pigs in blankets & playing ‘Fairytale of New York’ on repeat for 6 weeks is totally acceptable. We bring trees into our home, dress them up and wear really, really ugly knitted jumpers. It’s the best time of year. We drink too much, we eat too much and we spend too much money. And most importantly we look fabulous, at all times (even in our PJs because we all have that special pair reserved just for xmas day morning, right?)

And then there’s all the parties. The millions of office/family/friends Christmas bashes that take place every night of the week in the run up to the big day. It’s any excuse to have a drink and do outrageous things that you know you’ll regret on your return to work.

Naturally, along with all the Christmas parties comes the Christmas party styling conundrum. In other words; what the heck am I going to wear? Which bag/shoe combo will I go for? And most importantly, how the flip am I gonna have my hair?

The first two questions can usually be solved by ordering a new dress with all the sequins from ASOS and digging out your fave Kurt Geigers from the back of your wardrobe.

But there is no quick fix for your hair because your hair is just, well, your hair (although I do have a pal that wears a different wig every day of the week and she looks sassy AF). But wigs aren’t for all of us right? So what to do with your hair at Christmas time.

Last Saturday I teamed up with Edge Hair in Leigh-on-Sea to create three hair looks that will slay any Christmas party this season. This post is here to inspire you, to remind you that no one deserves bland hair this Christmas time.

First off, Vicky at Edge Hair has been my hairdresser for a gazzilion years. She’s been through many a hair transformation with me (blunt fringe, black hair, red locks you name it, we’ve done it). She’s also created a whole range of standout styles for me (hair bows, afro, 1940’s curls & endless up-do’s). She’s basically the ‘hair whisperer’. Like she just plays around with my hair for a bit and it suddenly looks like I have someone else’s hair on my head because it would never do that for me if I’d tried.

A super experienced stylist now with her very own salon in the uber trendy setting of Leigh-on-Sea, Vicky works with her small team to create bespoke looks for all her customers (with a glass of wine for every one, what a treat eh).

So I set my ultimate hair tamer a challenge to create me three Christmas party looks in 1 afternoon. I know, I don’t ask for much. Here’s what we got up to:



After a thorough shampoo, condition and a cheeky head massage we were ready to create our first look of the day. Sleek locks, fit for a sit down meal at somewhere like the Duck & Waffle or sipping champers at Fortnum & Mason.

I felt like a sassy, sophisticated lady with this style. My hair was thoroughly tamed. It almost gave me good manners and great posture too, it was that swanky.

Note; this hair style is not for throwing yourself around the dance floor.

Vicky created this look by blow drying my hair back and running the straighteners through it. If we weren’t looking to create other looks on this day, she would have run some gel through it too, just to give it a bit more hold.

Vicky’s top tip for this look is;

For a sleek, smooth finish you need a sleek blow dry and make sure you use a wooden bristle brush to get a really smooth finish. My product of choice here is the L’oreal Elnette hairspray to hold it in place – it’s my absolute fave’.







Eeeeeee my favourite.

I wish, with all my heart and every inch of me, that my hair had this natural wave. Alas, I have straight, flicky hair that would never behave like this at home.

This romantic do is perfect for those Christmas drinks with your boyfriends family (the ones you’ve never met before). It’s hair that will impress, show that you’re wholesome and that you deffo don’t do jägerbombs on the weekend.

These soft curls were created using a set of rollers and then a bit of extra bounce using some curling tongs (because my hair was misbehaving, even in the hands of Vicky).

Vicky’s top tips for this do are;

For a soft curl I tend to use a heat retaining brush; this creates beautiful curls. My top product for bouncy, curly blow dries is called ‘L’oreal – Bouncy & Tender’. It’s a dual cream/gel which gives you that hold without that yucky, stiff feeling’ 








You’ve got your skinny jeans on, your highest courts and a truck load of red lippie. You know tonight is gonna be a Christmas drinks car cash with all the bad dance moves and you’re totally gonna embrace it.

This is your hair style. This is the one.

It’s bad ass.You might even steal a traffic cone on the way home. Who knows.

Vicky threw this look together in about 5 seconds flat. The swiftness of it all made me super envious (she’s a hair genius, I tell ya). 

She plaited both sides into place and then back combed the hell out of the top section before fastening it all with kirby grips (the ones you guys find scattered everywhere round your house). 

Vicky’s top tips for this style;

Plaits are a fab way of adding interest to any hair do. Depending on placement or the different type of plaits used, you can go from mermaid, to bohemian, to rockstar! 

The absolute must-have product for up do’s is ‘L’oreal – Super Dust’ – it adds all the volume and texture you need to mould the hair into shape’







If, like me, you are absolutely hopeless at styling your own hair then why not take the pressure off and get yourselves booked in. Because guess what? Putting your hair up and down and up and down and getting hot and flustered before you go out is zero fun. Go on, treat yo’ self.

Click here to get booked in with Vicky before all the appointments go.

Now I’m gonna go do some Christmas shopping in Chelmsford and drink all the hot chocolate at Hotel Chocolate. Happy Tuesday everyone.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Edge Hair. But as stated above, Vicky is my hairdresser, the one I entrust with my locks alone so obvs all views are 100% my own.