Bridesmaids duties have begun and it’s every bit exciting as I thought it would be.

The ‘bridesmaids’ whatapp group chat is in full flow, with 50 notifications on average per hour. It would be fair to say we’re all pretty bloody excited about the whole thing.

And nothing can prepare one for the madness of a wedding more than a good old fashioned wedding fair. And we don’t do things by halves, so we attended the Excel London Wedding Fair (19th April)


Oh my. What a day.

There were stands to cater for every couples wedding needs, and then some. As an Events Coordinator, I was pretty much in my element. It was all just so darn dreamy. There were sparkly things everywhere and ‘Going to the chapel playing’ on repeat.

With comfortable shoes and our personalised day schedule in hand, we jostled through the crowds and picked up a whole ton of leaflets and freebies. ‘Cause we all needed copies of everything right?


I think there might have been a few occasions when this happened:

Exhibitor “Are you interested in hearing about our new fabulous wedding venue, with beautiful gardens and spa?”

Me “Yeah, of course.” *Picks up a leaflet*

Exhibitor “Brilliant. So are you the lovely bride?”

Me *Pause*Umm …”Yes…Yes I am!” *Flutters eyelashes*

A gal can dream right?

STANDOUT stands of the day:


The Craft Corner

We spent a healthy amount of time here learning how to make paper roses and tissue paper pom poms. The whole DYI wedding is all the rage at the moment. Our lovely bride is quite taken with this theme. Roll on the paper cuts.


Bubblegum Balloons

These oversized beauties were everywhere at the wedding fair and they make a brilliant table centre/decoration/photo prop. At £20 a pop you can’t go wrong. They make such a statement.


The Dotted Crotchets

Highlight of my day was hearing these guys playing Clean Bandit’s ‘Rather Be’. They pretty much could play anything you wanted, classic to modern. And it was beautiful. Plus they looked awesome. You can find them here.


Vintage hair accessories

This stand was the prettiest by far. It had vintage hair accessories dating all the way back to… well I don’t know but the lady was saying it was all pretty old and vintage and cool . If you’re looking for something intricate and rare to wear on your wedding day, not to mention seriously cute, then check out their website. Oh wait, they don’t have one. Sorry guys…



Because they taste like heaven. And they look like heaven. And they should be part of everyone’s five-a-day. Just yum.

So I figured I’d use this opportunity to do a little feature on Wedding guest footwear. Shoes and accessories deserve some serious thought for this type of occasion.

So, I’d like to introduce the Pink & Black Stripy Dune Courts. Mum wore these to a wedding last year with a gorgeous pale pink Karen Millen dress and matching stripy clutch. She looked every bit as cool as a cucumber. She does make me jealous sometimes.


Unfortunately these are no longer available BUT if you’re looking for a pattern court shoe how about these ASOS PROMPT Pointed Heels? Bright & bold. Very nice indeed.


This whole pattern clash creation was my Mother’s idea. She’d hate it if I didn’t point that one out. Floral/stripy clash is big right now, so she tells me. She’s rarely wrong.

So start mixing it up. Go.


Do’s & Don’t’s of Wedding Shoes:

DO be comfortable. You gotta last all day. Unless you’re a pure trooper like my Mother, there is no way you can last all day and night in those nine inch heels. Let’s not kid ourselves, eh.

DON’T be dull. A wedding day is full of happiness and smiles and colour and sparkle. So yeah, don’t be boring. Be FUN.

DO go matchy. This is a bit of a personal preference, but we (as in Mother and I) LOVE to match our bags to our shoes. If there’s a matching bag in the shop we do tend to purchase both together. I mean they’re a pair, it would be mean to separate them right?

DON’T (or try to avoid) wearing plain boring black. See point two. There’s a time and a place for boring black heels and weddings aren’t one of them.

12_Fotor NEW

So I think it’s pretty fair to say I had a fabulous time at the wedding fair with the wonderful ladies above. I don’t like to wish time away but yeah APRIL 2016 HURRY UP

In the meantime, I’ve got plenty of weddings to attend this Summer. Hurrah.

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Jokes. I totes didn’t mean that.