Hello hello hello.

Fist off, can someone please take me to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them? Because oh my gosh  it looks incredz and I really wanna hear the Hazza Potter theme tune again, just once more, in the cinema.

Second off, today I want to talk to you about the must have accessory for all your Christmas do’s. The sophisticated accessory that will 100% ensure everyone forgets about you flashing your pants at last years bash.

I am of course talking about the tassel earring trend. The earrings that make you feel like a sassy pants.

I first spied these at the back end of the summer, but I thought the trend would fizzle out pretty fast. But it’s still niggling at me. And then I went and got my hands on some and now I know what all the fuss is about.

So yeah, I might be *a bit* late to the party but I’m enjoying it in full swing now, tassel earrings wildly swaying from my lobes. (Don’t you just hate the word ‘lobes’?)

This accessory is a must have for three very simple and very clear reasons:


As far as updating an outfit goes, this is a pretty inexpensive way of making an old outfit sing. My tassel earrings were a cheeky £2 from H&M. I’d say that’s a pretty bloody good bargain wouldn’t you?

Lets be honest, in the run up to Christmas our bank accounts are looking seriously malnourished and the last thing they need is a huge last minute spend on a Christmas party outfit.

My advice? Snap yourselves up some snazzy earrings and save yourself some mega moneys. (Unless you have the cash for this River Island star dress beauty then y’know, hubba hubba).



These huns are a sure way to make an impact. Okay so I decided to wear them with a black sweater in these photos (not a good choice when I’m trying to display them as a stand out item) but you get the drift right?

They draw focus away from a pretty standard outfit and they’re all like ‘look at me, all sassy and in the know with how to dress’.

Tip; make sure you have a good face of make up on. They’re drawing attention to your face so y’know, use all the MAC you can find.

Oh and just watch you don’t knock someone out on the dance floor with ’em.

Can’t get yourself out of your grey joggers and off the comfy sofa? Then these earrings are your best pals.

They are literally the most low maintance piece of styling you can own. They do all the work for you. Just pick something simple out your wardrobe and chuck on the earrings; they know what to do.

You can afford to make minimal outfit effort when you’re wearing a standout piece of jewellery.



Wanna get in on the action? Here’s some of my top picks for tassel earring candy from H&M (who are totally slaying this trend RN) – check out these, these, these & these.

Happy Sunday slothing everyone