Oh missguided, you never fail to impress me with your swanky clothing at cut prices. I got paid last week, so I did my usual sweep on this fave site of mine and managed to pick up some gems. I’m now poor. Weep.

All worth it though. Check out this cute pussy bow blouse with a pleated front. At £22 I didnt even have to think about it twice – in the basket it went. It makes a seriously good work outfit. Obvs only if I’m having one of my ‘sitting in the office’ kinda days, otherwise this white would be a bit disastrous.

I must say, this shirt makes me feel a little Blair Waldolf. (Earlier series Blair Waldof, in her days of Constance – bows in hair, pussy bow blouses etc.) She’s like an my ultimate fictional gal idol. So yeah, top points for this.



Pleated front pussybow blouse – £22

The thing with Missguided is you never know what you’re gonna get. It’s a bit like a game of roulette. I often find the stuff you order is either seriously good and better than expected, or seriously bad quality and nothing like the image on the website – it can go either way. Makes the whole shopping process even more exciting though right?!

So the blouse came up trumps, however I did order a suede look jacket in mustard which I’d seen looking all lush on Instagram. I was pretty excited about it, so you can imagine my disappointment when it didn’t quite look how it did in that photo. It wasn’t really mustard, more orange, and the material was a bit cheap. So that did end up going back, but at least it saved me some dollar.

These shoes, by the way, are the New Look shoes of the year that so many bloggers have been raving about. I saw a similar pair in a magazine for a ridiculous amount of money (I’m talking hundreds of pounds) and I cried inside for a full hour knowing that I couldn’t afford them. My Mum then assured me I would find some cheaper ones somewhere else and then HELLO, these turned up in New Look.

£22, bargain.

I’ve since seen that they’ve been blogged about loads. Appaz I’m on blogging point.


So back to my Missguided treats. I’m giddy with excitement about this dress. It’s just so simple. Sometimes I find that Misguided tends to get the really simple designs right. Don’t go for anything overcomplicated on that site, find the simplistic shapes and go for their basics. That’s what they’re good at. I really wanna wear this for a wedding I’ve got coming up, but not sure about wearing black to a wedding. Thoughts please?



Chiffon floaty cami dress – £22

Um this bag was a Mother special. She ordered it from the Next Catalogue a few weeks ago to go with her Topshop Pastel blue sandals. It’s so simple, but just so cute. Whistles have got some really nice clutches on their website, and also some ‘to-die-for’ sunglasses. Serious wish list material right there.


So to sum it up, Missguided are getting a lot of stuff right. Their prices are blooming marvellous, and the whole ordering system makes it really simple to get a load of stuff in bulk and send back what you don’t want. I’ve since seen Laura Byrnes blogging about this Missguided cropped shell T-shirt here and I’m like, gahh lets make another order.

Life’s too short not to have all the clothes right?

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  1. 14th July 2015 / 12:43 pm

    Yep black is fine and dandy for a wedding Jade – teamed with coloured shoes and bag ….go for it!!!! The dress looks great xxx