When my gal pals say to me;

‘Let’s do brunch on Sunday’

I instantly think like Blair Waldorf and start painting my nails, looking for something chic to wear and my biggest hat to compliment.

Then I remember that I’m friends with some right old hooligans; a civilised brunch – what was I thinking?

They message me saying they’re still drunk from the night before and need snuggles in bed and a million and one carbs and no they couldn’t possibly get their shit together to look even a fraction acceptable looking for brunch.
So I’m sat here listening to 90s hits looking fabulous for brunch with no where to go. So here’s a little OOTD in complete and utter context for you.

Unlike other bloggers who go and sip on iced coffee and eat pancakes laden with syrup and photograph the shit out of the tiles in their chosen brunch spot, here’s what real friends do for brunch;

They go and scoop their half drunk pals outta bed and try to feed them full englishs to make them human again, loling at all the stories from the night before and promising that next time you will be there and won’t have to work.

Sigh. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

FYI am also looking for blogger friends to do the above with (all the pancake eating stuff). Apply within. Lols.

Today I’m wearing my camo jacket which is becoming a firm fave in the wardrobe. Teaming it with white ’cause it makes my tan look glowy *angel emoji*

The fedora is two sizes too big & its hella windy today so y’know, worst choice in the world but it finishes it off.

Brunch is about looking a bit effortless. Don’t search your wardrobe for hours, throw on a go-to look. Do go for comfort (that doesn’t mean your old Nike jogging bottoms people). Don’t wear tight jeans (gotta make room for all the bacon). Do smack on some lippy for instant Sunday brunch vibes.

Gonna go eat my body weight in brunch delights. Bye bye.