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I think it’s safe to say that Summer is basically here. I mean, I know it had a bit of a wobble this week (um, hey storm, what you doing hanging around, hun?) but lets be honest; this is probably as good as we’re gonna get.

And I mean, I fell asleep in the sun yesterday and burnt my back so that’s gotta count for something, right?

Rain/sun/rain/sun. British Summer, you unreliable thing you.

This post is happening because I really wanted to share my fave new shoes with you. Simple as, really.  Here’s their story:

Whatsapp from Mum, it’s a photo of these darling trainers.

Mum: Do you like these?

Me: YES!…..But don’t buy them for me, you keep buying me stuff and I’m off-the-scale spoilt. 

Mum: Okay. Well I’ll just order them to see if you like them. 

She’s a mega babe, she is. And I never thought I’d be this spoilt at age 25. Mental.

Converse are staple shoe wear in my wardrobe. They’ve been a staple since my Avril Lavigne and Taking Back Sunday days. Where Dashboard Confessional was a regular listen on my MP3 player. Where lyrics like ‘I’m a wishful thinker with the worst intentions’ featured  in my MSN name surrounded by all the punctuation patterns and my jeans were far too skinny for my own good. I actually still own my very first pair of converse (grey with pink piping) and I do still wear them from time to time.

I then went through a time where Vans took over and they were my trainer of choice for a while. And then two birthdays ago I was gifted some simple black high top converse which I’ve worn to death (and to many Brush nights, so their a wee bit jaded). And now I’m welcoming these daisy print Converse to my shoe gang; the biggest of warm welcomes to them.

These new babies are the stuff summer dreams are made of. The ditsy daisy print is everything right now – they’re just really good fun and totally carefree. They got serious fuss when I wore them to the office this week.

These will be worn with loose dungarees & Breton tees this summer. A go-to outfit for record store mooching and Sunday brunching.

Want some of your own daisy print converse? You can find them here.

I’m gonna round this up now because the sun has just come out and Max has just arrived home with ice creams. Imma go and enjoy the last few hours of my Sunday.

All the sunshine vibes people.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset