Today it rained cats & dogs. I wore mesh trainers, no jacket and I didn’t take an umbrella. Doh.

It was a bit like the skies had saved up alllllll the April showers and released them in one big ol’ downpour. It’s the type of day where I should have been under a duvet rather than traipsing into London and back. But hey, girl gotta make some dollar, right?

A distant few weeks ago though, the sun did make a miniature performance where I actually got my legs out. Like I shaved and moisterised them and everything. I was off out for Turkish food at Baboush with a pal (and FYI Baboush does dreamy Turkish food AND there’s more leopard print carpet & gold decor than you can shake a stick at).

And my outfit of choice was this cutiepie, pink shirt dress from Zara (£29.99). Proper soft material. Proper tomato ketchup target. Like I’m blates gonna spill the contents of a BBQ down it in the Summer. Until then though, I’m gonna wear it to death.

Because it wasn’t all that warm (I might have been a little over zealous in my Summer dressing), I paired it with my fave camo jacket chucked over the top. Topped off the look with my classic converse. The ones that don’t fit. Pretty sure they’re slowing ruining my toes. People will probs call me club foot lady in years to come.

The dress is made of super soft, light material and it’s got this little drop waist which gives it a little bit of interest. And pockets, so it’s a no brainer of a buy. Also, I kinda feel like baby pink is having a bit of a moment as it seems to be making up the majority of peoples themes over on Insta. All the pink accessories, pink leather jackets & pink backdrop feature walls.

Until it decides to get less nippy and more sun, I’m thinking of layering my ‘New York New York’ gap jumper over the top, with my black leather jacket and Nike trainers. In fact, I think I just planned tomorrow’s outfit. Score.






Shirt Dress – Zara | Camo Jacket – New Look | Flamino Embellished Clutch – New Look (similar here)| Converse