So imma gonna start by saying that I’ve been hounded the past few weeks by thoughts of ‘shall I/shan’t I continue blogging blah blah blah’.

TBH I didn’t think anyone would notice too much if I slowly faded out. Like seriously, that’s not a ‘pity me’ statement, I just think the majority of us live these super, incredibly busy lives (me included) and although I know people like checking in, there are many other things that are far more pressing to do.

So last week I skipped a post. And then a pal emailed me saying ‘where’s my Wednesday blog post?‘ And when I explained my thoughts she was like ‘DONT give up the blogging thing‘ – what a cutie. Any who, I usually do what this lady tells me so here we are. And like seriously, I think my heart exploded a bit that someone had actually noticed it was even missing.

And before I move on, FYI all you super busy gorgeous people that browse my posts on your lunch break, commute or as pre-bedtime material – you make my day.

Oh and I’m not gonna give up. I had way too much fun writing & photographing this weekend.

Let’s get to the subject of this post. HAUL TIME.

So on Thursday evening I was meant to be rushing home to get to PT (I’ve managed to put weight on after Christmas, say whaaaat?!) But on my commute home I was suddenly struck with this burning urge to get my hands on some new shoes/clothes/whatever for an event I had the following day. You know the feeling right? When you wanna dazzle and nothing in your wardrobe will do. Cue me stepping into Primark, getting hella sweaty & leaving with that brown paper bag of dreams.

And lemme say; Primark you are on fire at the moment. The store is full of current trends and doing them pretty well for the shoestring prices:- interesting shaped shirts with frills and knotted details, embroidered denim, mesh overlay dresses & gingham. Gimme gimme.

Now I’m on a budget so despite wanting to scoop up a number of things on the shop floor, I limited myself to two outfit pieces. Here we go:

Embroidered Drop Waist Dress & Red Block Show Combo







I’m gonna start by wearing this cutie to the office with tights and boots. Perhaps changing into the red heels for work drinks. And then and then and thennnnn, I’m gonna wear it with sandals throughout the Summer. What I’m trying to say is LOOK AT ALL THE POSSIBILITIES.

It’s a seriously flattering dress and super easy to wear. And IDK maybe it would look with a denim jacket chucked over the shoulders and a cobalt blue bag thrown in the mix. My imagination is running wild folks.


Embroidered Drop Waist Dress – £13 

Red Classic Block Heels – £8


Knotted Shirt with Red Flats Combo








This is baaaasically my Spring office wear look in a nutshell. Crisp and clean. I’m all about the culottes with slip on shoes and interesting shirts RN. I actually went in looking for this shirt with a tie waist but despite hunting high and low and asking the shop floor assistant where it could possibly be, it was nowhere to be seen. Boo.

I still think this little bae gives a similar look though and for a tenner can I really complain? I think not.


Knotted Stripe Shirt – £10 – Primark

Red Cut Out Shoe – £6 – Primark 

Sparkly Bag – £18 – River Island


Appaz I’m a red shoe hoarder. I had a large handful of compliments on the cut out shoes I wore to work the next day. I took great pleasure in revealing their thrifty beginnings at Primark.

Have you got your hands on any great finds in Primark recently? Do tell!


Happy Monday folks 


  1. 6th February 2017 / 6:47 pm

    I love your style, and what bargains from primark!! also, so pleased you’re not giving up blogging because i l.o.v.e your blog. 🙂

    Claire |

    • 12th February 2017 / 4:55 pm

      Thanks Claire – means such an awful lot. Sunshine on a cloudy day that is. Hope you’re having an ace weekend 🙂 Oh and you’re top on my list of blogs to check out and catch up with on my commute tomorrow morning xxx

  2. Karen
    9th February 2017 / 8:57 pm

    Love both of these outfits Jade! Xx ps dont give up the blogging! ??

    • 12th February 2017 / 4:56 pm

      Thank you lovely lady *all the kissing & smiley emojis*