Hey little honeys.

I’m in the middle of devouring an M&S salad which is ‘off the chain’ incredz. It’s a new, snazzy chicken one (fruit cous cous, hummus and yogurty dressing. The things food dreams are made of). It did cost £5 so WTF but it’s totally amazing so I’ll get over it.

Anyway that was completely irrelevant to this post. In this post I’m showing off my brand new little Primark haul that I accumulated on Saturday after the Intu Lakeside blogger event.

I may have got a wee bit excited about new season; Autumn you babe, with all your crunchy leaves and knitwear and clompy boots. I decided that despite my bank balance looking even more malnourished than usual that I would just throw caution to the wind and enter Primark with an open mind.

It’s Primark after all. How much damage could I really do in there?

Can I just say that the Primark at Lakeside is way sexier and bursting with all the clothes you want than any other local Primark to me. I guess with it’s size it can stock bloody everything. It really did have a great selection. Y’know the type of stuff that you just don’t find in Primark ’cause all the cool people have snapped it up on the first day of release?

They even had a pair of MOM jeans with cute embroidery all over ’em which I went a little wild over. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size but yeah top effort.

Some noteworthy things that Primark are clearly shouting about; hell yes to all the pyjama shirts they had going on. There was a big nod to all things metallic and leopard print. And as mentioned, embroidery.

I made a beeline for the pyjama tops and although I was very much in love with a classic, plain blue style with white piping, I decided to opt for a neck tie floral number. I’m a fan of bows; I wear them in the hope of projecting a bit of cool like Blair Waldorf. Gimme all the vintage champagne, macarons and sassy comebacks.

I’ve actually worn it today layered underneath my black pinafore for work. Although there was a distinct lack of champers and all things sweet. Still felt sassy though.

I picked myself up two pairs of shoes – two pairs. Clearly restraint had gone right out of the window by this point and I was throwing way too much caution to the wind.

The leopard version are looking dandy with khaki and creams and blacks with hoards of red lipstick smeared across my lips. The metallic pair, which are kinda rosey gold, are gonna look fab with my black culottes and pastel coloured shirts.

I also got this simple, boxy white shirt which you can’t tell over the WIDE WEB but it’s this super silky material. A basic essential for the coming months.


I’ve burnt all my bras. Braletts are where it’s at. And Primark have a great selection going on. I opted for these simple black and cream versions which are offering all the comfort and none of the ‘pokey wire’ nonsense.

And then last but not least, I picked up some smart but casual joggers in this ‘office friendly’ material. It’s all like, ‘yeah I’m going to work but I’m gonna be bloody comfy whilst I’m doing it and ain’t nobody gonna tell me any different.’

They’re also gonna create a great weekend, off-duty vibe with trainers and a white tee.

So yeah, all the photos below. Check it out.


Metallic Loafers – £8

Leopard Pony Tassle Loafers – £10

Floral Pyjama Shirt – £10

White Boxy Shirt – £10

Textured Jogger Bottoms – £15

Lace Bralett Set – £5

Have you bought anything noteworthy in Primark lately? Tell, tell.