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First off;

I didn’t know what real sweating was until now. I’m riding the 5.34 train home from London in 29 degrees heat. Ain’t nothing compares to this.

Deffo wrong day to be wearing a long sleeve blouse, that’s for sure.

I smell glorious.

So as I’m sandwiched between other equally sweaty, smelly people, thought I’d talk to you about happier times (the weekend, that is).

I had a proper nice weekend. It was an extended one, ’cause I took the Friday off. And I enjoyed every hour of it. From the wedding dress shopping, to the afternoon tea, to the evening spent with the in-laws to-be, to the cheeky seafront brekky on Sunday morning. It was just one of those super nice weekends where I felt very thankful for everyone & everything I have.

And this weekend was all about the treats – from other people and to myself (because y’know, gotta treat yo’self). Here are four things that came my way this weekend that induced whopping greats smiles on my face. Thought I’d share my happiness with you guys:


So I need to talk to you about tassels.

Not the nipple type. Nope. More like the completely impractical fashion type.

Doya remember back here when I was all like ‘yo, go get yourself some tassel earrings because they gonna be hugeeeeee man’? Well I wasn’t lying to you. Nah ah, I wouldn’t do that to you guys.

I stepped into H&M on Friday and I was bowled over by the array of statement earrings and necklaces on offer. All the clapping emojis for H&M. They are smashing it in this department (although I just went online to link some things for you and their jewellery selection is TINY compared to the stores…)

I was very much tempted into treating myself to these fuchsia pink babies. Number one on my list of treats this weekend.


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My Mum was a cheeky so-and-so over the weekend because she surprised me with this little gift. An absolute babe of a clutch bag from Blume Lifestyle in Rayleigh. (I’ve spoken to you guys about Blume before right? Serious independent boutique shop goalssssss).

It’s a small weave bag adorned with vibrant pink tassels smacked across the front. Naturally, I cracked both my new pink accessories out together on Saturday night, with a matching pink lippie.

Since when did I embrace pink so flippin’ much? IDK but I really liked it. I felt as sassy as Penelope Pitstop all evening.

We went to Pizza Express on Saturday night where I tried their new gluten free penne which scored a strong 8 1/2 out of 10. Good work Pizza Express. We then headed over to check out a band with friends where I shook my tassel earrings and tassel bag allllllll night long.

Thanks Blume for being a fab local fashion fix for me & my Mum <3 <3 <3

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New favourite record alert.

I’ve been listening to a Billie Holiday record nonstop since I picked it up from Battlesbridge a month or two ago. And Saturday morning, I decided that I had indeed over played it and needed something fresh.

Cue my super cool mother-in-law and her super cool gifts.

Basically, Etta James is an absolute babe and she sounds like a dream on vinyl. I love listening to this era of female music so flippin’ much. Makes me feel like I’m in some kinda film as I float around my kitchen doing chores. I do a lot of swaying and a lot of bad singing to this. No shame.

If you don’t know exactly who I’m talking about when I say Etta James (shame on you gal) then here’s a clue; ‘I JUST WANNA MAKE LOVE TO YOU’ *hunk takes of shirt in a provocative manner* or ‘ATTTTT LASTTTTTTT’ *all the wedding dancing*

Proper big thanks to the mother-in-law to be for this treat. All the smiles.


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Another treat to me. What a surprise.

To be fair, I’d just chosen my wedding dress so I was completely elated and felt like I could have anything I wanted in H&M. Lols.

So three things; it has a front ruffle. It has an animal print design. And it was only a tenner.

Need I say more?

I think the reason it was only a tenner is that it’s quite impractical, ie; the material really restricts arm movement. But that’s okay, I’ll only wear it on occasions where I don’t need to lift my arms above my head. I’m totally okay with that.


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That’s my list of treats from this weekend that made me smile. I hope you’re all having fantastic weeks that include lots of reveling in the sun. Oh and make super duper plans for the weekend that include prosecco ice lollies because it’s gonna be roasting.

Peace out.