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It’s late. Very late.

But I can’t go to sleep because I’ve just gained 450 new followers on Instagram and I feel like I need to personally say hello to every one of them. It’s been a bit insane. I went to play netball and when I came off the court I had a gazillion notifications and 450 new followers on IG. Winning. So it soon transpired that Primark had got all cutesy on me and shared one of my photos on insta & twitter leading to an influx of love over on my social accounts. N’aw.

And then BAM. All the followers. I mean, if Primark was a person right now I would kiss ’em. Done me a right solid favor there. And over 50,000 people liking a photo of mine and Max’s bedroom? Wish I’d cleared up a bit better now. Doh.

If you’re one of those 450 new people who found me via that Primark post, hi there you absolute stunbun and welcome to the blog.

Shall I stop waffling? Yup.

So I posted a little snap of my outfit from Saturday night yesterday and it got a lotta love so thought I’d do a wee write up on the star of the show; the £22 body from Topshop.

And just to clear up any confusion; I’m not talking about a ‘Topshop body’ as in the figure. No, we do not all need a ‘Topshop body’, as in super slinky with insanely long limbs and really good girl hair. Nah ah, we can’t all be Kate Moss’s and that’s a good thing. Variety is the spice of life, baby.

No, you see the body I’m referring to is the garment type. The leotard, as it’s more commonly known. The thing you struggle to button up in the toilet cubicle after a few drinks ‘in da club’. (The struggle is real. Hands up of you know what I’m talking about?) And usually I’d associate them as tight fitting, slinky bits of material that don’t do me any favors, but this one is different. This one gets it alllll right. And I honestly think it could suit all shapes and sizes, mainly because it has this super flattering draped front. It shows just the right amount of hubba hubba cleavage without trying to hard.

Oh and I gotta mention the gold shoes. They are classic oldies from Topshop. A mate of mine was going to throw them out and she’d never worn them. I was like ‘pass ’em my way’. These little huns are way too cute to hit the bin.

I chucked on a black blazer with this outfit to finish off the look (and because I feel the cold more than any normal human being).

Ummmm and just to, y’know, remind you that this snazzy Topshop body is waaaay versatile (because that’s how all women convince themselves to buy clothes, right?) Imagine it paired with a navy blue pleated skirt and high black boots or with a pair of embroidered MOM jeans. It passes the versatility test uh huh.


Shop the look

Striped Body – Topshop – £22 | Gold bag – H&M – £12.99 | Tassel Earrings – H&M – (similar) 

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset