So for anyone who’s been stuck under a rock this week, I turned 25 on Thursday.

It was just the most ace day ever.

I’m currently recovering from a birthday hangover (too much steak & too many cocktails, standard). I’d like to shake the persons hand that invented the mint choc chip cocktail. Yup, basically a milkshake with alcohol. Gimme gimme.

So anyway, my family & friends are the most generous bunch of people in all the land. I was spoilt rotten on Thursday with the most thoughtful gifts ever. Like really, really spoilt to the point where it made me go all fuzzy inside and like n’aw I’m so flippin’ lucky.

So I wouldn’t be a basic blogger if I wasn’t sharing it with y’all, would I? So here’s a tiny slice of all the lovely gifts I recieved on Thursday:



I’ve been lusting over the full Olivia Burton range for sometime. And on Thursday, my dreams came true twice over.

Lucky me, huh.

I am now the proud owner of an Olivia Burton watch, with a pale grey strap & large silver face. It says ‘I’m a classy bird that now works in London‘. True story.

I’m also the very proud owner of a cute piece of their ‘bee collection’. A rose gold bangle with two bees which sits casually on my wrist and makes me feel proper happy.

Two pieces that I can keep forever, look back at and go ‘remember when I turned 25? That was well nice, weren’t it’.




Following closely in my Mothers footsteps; first with events, then working in the charity sector and now a collector of shoes.

Okay so look at how on point my burgundy velvet boots are. Hubba hubba. They’re gonna be best pals with my black culottes, skinny jeans and pleated skirts. So basically everything. They go with everything. Score.

The second pair of shoes are, as I described on my IG Stories, ‘love personafied’.

If love was a shoe, this would be it. These silk, lace up nude courts are so romantic and sexy and innocent all rolled into one. I cannot wait to wear them (after all the practice round the house because they hella high & I don’t wanna break my ankles nah ah). 

BTW they’re from ASOS here.




I know four seems a bit excessive, but I did have bags (plural) on my birthday list because since moving out I don’t have my Mum’s vast collection to dip into every weekend.

Like fo’ real, I didn’t even own my own black clutch before Thursday. I’m 25 and clutchless. Lol.

So my Mum bought me a classic black clutch, and also a babin’ flamingo embellished number from New Look which I’ve actually had my eye on for weeks – it’s like we have telepathic minds. How did she know? FYI it’s now in the sale so um yeah.

My third bag was a sassy red ‘camera bag’ from Accessorise (I don’t know why they’re called that because I legit cannot fit my camera in it – I tried). It’s bold and bright and I haven’t stopped using it since I received it on Thursday.

And last, but by no means least, I was gifted a magical sparkly bag fit for the use of unicorns/mermaids/all mythical creatures. It’s a River Island crisp white sparkly bag with a gold chain. All I gotta do is tip a bucket of glitter on my hair and I’ll be ready for a Christmas party. It’s super cute.




Ever since picking up some samples from the Lakeside Blogger Event a few months ago, I’ve had my beady eye on grabbing myself the real deal. This stuff makes my skin glowy and genuinely happy.

It somehow takes away a bit of that teen, spotty sheen that sometimes appears on my forehead/chin. How many times do I have to tell ya, you are not welcome, bad skin.

So yeah, can’t wait to smoother my chops in this special stuff.




I’m not putting anything on for photographs right now (I am not in any fit state) but I received some lovely clothes gifts on Thursday which are so bang on the money.

This velvet wrap dress from New Look which is super on trend. This pleat sleeved, volume dress from Zara (it has pockets guys) and this metallic, pleated midi skirt from Oliver Bonas (<3<3<3)

Coming to various blog posts near you sooooooon.




So when you get all the above, and then some, it’s kinda a big surprise bomb when your Mum reveals that she’s booked a trip to Geneva.

Yup, we’re just gonna nip off to Switzerland next year. Me, my Mum & her best friend. We have all the types of belly laughs you only get with friends that telepathically tell jokes with their eyes and eyebrows.

Pass me a fur bobble hat and a cashmere scarf, I am so ready for this girls trip. Oh and if you have any recommendations for this sweet slice of a city then please pass them my way.


I swear this will be the last public thank you I do and the last time I mention my birthday. So thank you everyone that made my day special with messages, cards, gifts and just general loveliness. You guys da best.

And now, Imma go get my hair done at Edge in Leigh and spend my evening catching up on The Missing (the suspense is killing me, like bloody hell will they find them IDK).

Happy weekend everyone.



  1. Sara
    3rd December 2016 / 9:14 pm

    Happy Birthday Jade abd happy weekend xxxxx

  2. 5th December 2016 / 11:50 am

    Happy birthday (again) lovely! Looks, and sounds, like you had the best birthday ever! Look at all those lovely gifts, that watch is beaut. I almost picked up that red bag the other day, but in leopard print, it just looks so cute! Super jelly that you’re going to Geneva, looking forward to seeing the posts on it! 🙂