Why do my trips to the supermarket to buy practical things like food for the week, always turn into shopping trips?

Well that’s exactly what happened today. Max & I were going about our business, picking up salmon and sweet potatoes and miso (for the bad ass chicken ramen I’m gonna make tonight) – and then somehow I stumbled upon the prettiest cacti print PJs in all the land.

Max was like ‘I thought you didn’t have any money‘. And I was like ‘I don’t’.

And then I put them in the trolley. Because nah ah, I was not going to leave them there.

It’s rare to go the the supermarket and find cute stuff actually in the right size. You know what I mean right? You wander into Sainsburys or Tescos and you’re all like ‘wow that’s a cute blouse for work’ but they only have it in every size that is not you.

So me and these cacti print PJs were 100% meant to be. Plus, they were only £12 so if I just have to starve for two days I will. Totes joking.

Hats off to Tu Clothing (Sainsburys) for this adorbs set. I’m currently wearing them whilst blogging and sipping on a beer. Definition of a very good Sunday, that is.

I’ll try not to get chicken ramen soup down them tonight but you know what I’m like.

I did try to link them here for you but they’re not online. These babies were from the Rayleigh Weir Sainsburys, Essex.






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  1. 18th May 2017 / 1:58 pm

    I’m SO in love with these! Tried to find them online after seeing your pic but will have to go to a Sainsbury’s it seems haha x