What doya do when you’re dog free for the first time in over two weeks? Um go shopping, obvs. With bae. I needed some facetime with bae without four legged furry bottoms grabbing my attention every 5 minutes.

On Saturday, Max & I zoomed off to Lakeside Shopping Centre, marginally hungover, with a classic live lounge CD on looking to find me some waterproof boots (oh so glamourous) and him some new suits.

FYI the waterproof boots are for all the dog walking and it was one of the hardest things I ever had to shop for. I didn’t want to look like a complete butch hiker, y’know? But I’m also dead sick of getting soaking wet feet every morning over at the park and having to squelch back to the car like a dog walking novice. Hence the need for butch boots.

Anyway, there was no way I was going all the way to Lakeside just to buy me some practical boots. Nah ah. And that’s where we come to the one thing that I urge you all to go buy from H&M this month.

Now I’d like to say it’s this sassy dress or this oversized biker – both completely worthy items of clothing. Both would be ace buys going into Autumn. But nope. The thing I’m saying you all need right now are these cotton embroidered PJs.

Hands up, who puts on new PJs and feels like a brand new woman? Me me me me me meeeee. I legit put these on this evening and Max said I looked like I should be in a toothpaste advert. I take that as a compliment of the highest degree. He keeps smiling at me in them. I think it’s because it’s *a bit* like I’m wearing an oversized man shirt and that’s classic sexy lady, isn’t it?

So obvs my fave thing is the little embroidered slogan on the right hand side reading – ‘give me a break’. Cute, right? And so true. When I slide into these of an evening, this is a sure sign to my fur baby guests that yep, it’s quiet time now. Not play time. It’s cuddle time.

And above all, they are super light and comfortable. Which is top priority for anyone looking for a solid 8 hours beauty sleep.

Do you know what these are a good compromise on? Cath Kidston x Disney PJs. Yeah we all wanted them but who can really afford to spend just shy of a £100 on PJs? These bad boys are only £17.99 and they’re cute-to-boot.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say tonight. Currently sitting in my fancy PJs full of Chinese ready for a good snooze. Imma go get me some sleep. Night everyoneeeeee.