I’m full of cappuccino (two sugars, ’cause I’m wild) so this post might come out a little  like ‘OH HEY I’M ALL CAFFEINATED UP’.

I’ll try and keep it cool, but there’s  your heads up.

Today on the blog I’m showing you how I’m styling florals at the moment. TOUGH. That’s how.

Florals are in. They never really go out. But the shapes change here and there. Right now it’s all floaty floral wrap dresses, with light ruffles here, there & everywhere. I can totally get on board with this but sometimes, just sometimes, I can feel a little too girly in florals. Like I’m about 12 again.

This isn’t aided by the fact that I’m 5 foot nothing and I actually do look about 12. So stick me in a flowery dress I’m bound to look like I’m attending my great aunt’s wedding, y’know? People expect to see me playing in the fountain. That kinda thing.

So I tend to go on a mission to destroy florals a bit. Break ’em down. Make them a bit edgy and a bit grungy. That way people find it slightly more difficult to mistake me for a 12 year old. ‘What the hell’s a 12 year old doing in purple lipstick? Well heck, she can’t possibly be 12 then. Better take her seriously…’

Here’s my 5 tips on styling florals:

  • GET SOME LIPPY. Nothing says I’m tough like dark berry shades of lipstick smacked across your lips. This is a new lippy I picked up last week from boots. Can’t think for the life of me which brand, but yah, did the job.
  • STUD IT OUT. Grab yourself something studded. This clutch here is an oldie from River Island which keeps coming in handy again & again & again. I love this pin stud bucket bag from Topshop.
  • THROW ON A LEATHER JACKET LIKE YOU’RE DANNY ZUKO. It’s so important to invest in a good leather (or leather look) jacket. I literally wear mine all year round. Mine is from Warehouse and you can shop it here.
  • CHOKER IT. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be wearing chokers. When this trend came in I was like ‘well I’ll wait for that to pass’. The months have gone by and BAM, this weekend I picked up this baby from New Look. Get with the programme guys. Get a choker.
  • FLATFORM YOUR WAY THROUGH THE DAY. So I’m not wearing flatforms in these photos ’cause I actually don’t own a pair. But they would have gone wonderfully.

All the deets on what I’m wearing can be found at the bottom of the post. Happy shopping.












Dress – Topshop

Jacket – Warehouse

Choker – New Look (Similar)

Sandals – Linzi

Oh can we all just take a second to admire my boys photography skills? Serious effort going on there. Big love for that.

That’s all for today folks. Hope that’s given you a good ol’ style fix & I hope you have a fab week. Dress fabulously.