I have a new bag. And it’s possibly the happiest bag in all the land.

It’s like a standard straw bag went to Disneyland, had the time of it’s life and came back all happy and full of colourful tassels.

If the bag could sing, it would probably be singing ‘Despacito’. Just saying.

We all know that straw bags with slogans, pom-poms and tassels are a big deal right now. All the cool kids over on insta are prancing about in fields with floaty floral dresses on, proudly clutching their statement straw bags (and no, I’m not bitter. I’m in admiration. YOU GO GALS).

My baby is from The Joy Store. You can find her here. And this is how I’m styling her.



Colbolt blue is a blondes best pal (although I’m less blonde at the moment and more roots and brassy straw. No fear, hair’s getting an overhaul today). This is a go-to holiday outfit for me; easy to pack, easy to throw on and easy to inhale all the all-inclusive food with ease (hello peplum, my friend).

I’m 100% hailing the bold, primary colours here and keeping it uber simple. Primary colours are pretty big right now, especially yellow. If this cami was yellow I’d probably be in Grazia or something. Just saying.

FYI this cami is in the sale for a fiver. GO GO GO.

Cami – Topshop | Bag – The Joy Store | Earrings – H&M | Sandals – Topshop (similar here)





This all-in-one number was a last minute pick up from New Look last weekend. I had a party to go to and of course, absolutely nothing in my wardrobe was remotely wearable. I feel it’s kinda an investment piece though. I’ve worn it twice since I’ve got it (once to a party and once dressed down for work). So that’s gotta be saying something.

Some might say this outfits a bit much, what with the pattern and the tassels and the slogan, but nah ah, I think it works. As long as you have something running through the outfit, like colour, that weaves it all together then you ‘go glen coco’. I mean, if you totally disagree on this one, feel free to inbox me and tell me so. I promise I won’t cry into my dinner or nothing.

I would wear this for coffee with pals; starbucks in one hand and sunnies in the other. Laid back city…if I worked in the city…which I don’t. But you catch my drift right?


Jumpsuit – New Look (same style different pattern here)| Bag – The Joy Store | Flats – H&M (these babies are oldddd)




And if you’re not feeling The Joy Store version (you’re dead to me lols), here are some other straw bags that are totally worthy of investing in:

Skinnydip PomPom Bag – £32

ASOS Fringe Straw Bag – £25

Sequin Palm Basket Bag – £27.99

Topshop Pom Pom Straw Tote – £28.99


Happy Monday people. I actually wrote this on Sunday evening and WordPress decided not to save any of it. LOL LOL  LOL. Always look on the bright side of life people.

Anyway, go shake your tassels with all the sass today. You OWN Monday.