Oh hey it’s me again, coming atcha with some more healthy food inspo. ‘Cause I’m nice like that and FOLKS you gotta eat well.

So I thought I’d do this in the style of don’t eat xxx eat xxx instead. Y’know, a swapsie kinda thing.

For the days when we’d like to be eating stacks of pancakes but Summers a’coming and flippin’ heck those crop tops don’t look inviting.

I’m binning my crop tops btw. Ain’t nobody got time for that.



Introducing the one that’s gonna replace your kebab/turkish takeout. We have this babin’ restaurant down the road that does all proper chicken kebabs and rice and nom nom nom. And although we try and kid ourselves that it’s not THAT unhealthy (because chicken = protein, duh) secretly we both know it’s a gazzillion calories.

So I found this neat little replacement which FYI tastes nearly just as good, but in a ‘go-me-I’m-eating-well’ kinda way.

I got this one out of Delicious Magazine but can’t find it online. So here’s what you need and here’s how you gonna throw this one together:

To make the chicken marinade, mix together olive oil, lemon juice, 2 chopped garlic cloves, chopped fresh parsely, 1 tsp chili flakes and salt & pepper. Pour over the chicken and leave it in the fridge.

To make the tzatziki (which is the bit that makes you go hell-to-the-yes), mix together greek yogurt, chopped mint leaves, chopped cucumber, lemon juice and salt & pepper.

To make the kale and tomato salad, massage the kale leaves with olive olive. Chuck in some chunks of tomato and chopped red onion and pour in a dash of balsamic vinegar. Mix together and you’re ready to go.

Cook the chicken on a griddle pan and assemble.

Kick back and enjoy.

To make this super healthy, take off the gluten free pita and add more salad or some rice.






For the day when you fancy fish and chips and you want carbs on carbs. But we all know sweet potato is the only carb that we’ve got any respect for.

Don’t be tempted by the yellow potato. That fella’s the devil.

This recipe is really super fresh, so makes for a good summer meal. Did you clock all that lemon?

The thing that really takes this dinner to a wholeeeee nother level is the garlic and lemon through the spinach. It takes it from ‘Popeye standard’ to the side dish of dreams.

This recipe is online and they do a much better job of explaining how to rustle this up than me, so check out the deets here.





Summer salad of 2016 right here.

For the days when all you wanna do is devour a cheese board with all the chutneys. The brie, the Camembert, the cheddar with all it’s old English simplicity.

Nah ah put that cheese board down. Not today. Today you’re gonna try this salad instead which guess what, does contain a wee bit of cheese. PLUS some other nice nutritious stuff that’s gonna fill you right up.

Thank me later yeah.

This recipe is nowhere to be found online so here goes:

Cut your courgette into ribbons, and your peaches and halloumi into nice bite size chunks. You wanna chuck the whole lot, including some asparagus, onto a hot griddle pan (courgette last) and griddle both sides.

Meanwhile, arrange leaves of your choice on a plate and make a dressing of olive oil, lemon, basil, salt & pepper.

Chuck it all together.







For all those veggies out there. I seem to know a hell of a lot of ’em.

So next time it’s meat free Monday, don’t you dare make veggie pasta. Or quorn chilli con carne.

Swap it for this. Protein packed and not a scary white carb or any processed food in sight.

Now it may not look too pretty because OPPS forgot to chill the patties before I cooked em and they fell apart a bit. But they taste pretty delicious and it’s an alternative way of getting your protein without eating a dozen chickens a week.

You know anything that’s packed with beetroot and protein’s gotta be good for you right? It’s the miracle food everyone’s raving about. ‘Whizz it up in a smoothie‘ they say, ‘Add it to a salad’ they say, but how about making it into a burger?

Give it a go.

Bet yours comes out prettier than mine.

Oh and I made a yoghurt, lemon and dill topping which gave my tummy all the smiles. Try it.

Recipe here.




And if any of you actually take me up on this and try these recipes, please do send me some photos. I’d love to see how they turned out.

Remember, eat colourful and happy and fresh and rainbows will shine out your face. Lols.

Happy cooking people.

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  1. Sara
    8th April 2016 / 9:43 am

    These look so scrummy Jade, i’m deffo gooing to try them ??