Do you reckon there’s a record time for eating a kinder egg? Because if there is I 100% just broke it.

I’m not even excited about the toy or anything so I’m not sure why I feel the need to scoff them so flippin’ fast.

Anyway, this week is a good week for two very simple reasons; I’ve been to see ‘Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them’ (someone get me a demiguise, stat) and I’ve had the most delightful shopping/dining trip which was baaaasically like stepping into a London street, in Chelmsford.

I’m talking about the new Bond Street, which yes I know,¬†sounds like London. It even looks like London with all it’s super fancy shops (Cath Kitson, Fat Face & the whopping great big John Lewis, to name a few). And if you walk to the end of it you’ll see a Bill’s Restaurant, which yup, is usually found in London.

But guess what, it’s here in our very own little county of Essex doing a bloody good job of making our Christmas shopping experience extra sparkley this year and about 10 times less stressful.

So I was invited down by the lovely people at Bill’s to check out the new restaurant and I thought I’d make a day of it. Shopping & dining go hand in hand, don’t you know.

We started at the top where you turn off from the usual hustle bustle of Chelmsford into the brand new Bond Street. First stop; Hotel Chocolat – the place to pick up all the amaretto chocolates & ‘chilli’ penguins & the most outrageous hot chocolates in the world.

Shopping is made 10 times more sassier with a fancy hot chocolate in your hand. FACT.






So from that moment we were on a major sugar rush. We bought about 97 books in Foyles (YES FOYLES, the best bookshop ever), scoped out the Cath Kitson for the new Disney PJ collection (not out till Decmber but flippin’ heck want, want, want) and ran wild around the massive, ginormous John Lewis. We cooed over the Christmas decoration section and picked out our colour scheme for this year (turquoise & pink, in case you were wondering).

And then we ended our shopping trip as all good shopping trips should end; with good food, good ambience and bloody good cocktails.

If you’ve been to a Bill’s in London before then you’ll know it’s got that shabby chic vibe going on with all the eclectic decor that makes interior designers whoop for joy; chandeliers, metal, muted soft furnishings & chalkboards galore. Oh and all their chairs were old wooden pew chairs, which I adore (chuck some my way, would you?)






When it comes to menu, Bill’s has a great selection of stuff to choose from; steak, burgers, chicken & salads. Being my usual self, I was absolutely set on what cocktail I wanted (a hedgerow fizz, obvs) but I couldn’t decide on what to eat. I was willing myself to scoff a burger ’cause they looked EPIC but I was on the hunt for something lighter.

I opted for the allotment salad to start and our lovely, lovely waitress suggested I go for the sea bass for mains.

Banging choices. The allotment salad was ace. A delightful mix of roasted veg with a refreshing, zingy dressing. And FYI, in future all salads should feature brussel sprouts as standard. Do not knock it until you’ve tried it.

Starter was a tough act to follow, but the sea bass was babin’. A really generous portion of fish with ultra crispy skin topped with a chunky avocado salsa, sitting on a carbalicious potato rosti. Yes please.








And what do you do when you’re more full than Bruce, Bruce, Bruce? (Matilda reference, duh)

You order a Gin Bramble & a Peacan Pie, of course.

I made a decision there and then that this would be my Christmas shopping destination of choice this year.

Because appaz Chelmsford has all I need; A street of good quality shops for perfect gift finding, a huge John Lewis for last minute present hunting and a row of ace restaurants waiting for me at the end of the day. Talk about chilled out.

Bill’s – it’s so nice to see you in Chelmsford.¬†Thanks for inviting me down to try out your new place; looks like you’ve got it spot on.

Have a good Thursday everyone. Hope you’re counting down the days until the big day (31 in case you lost track).