Hold up, there’s a new café in town. It’s veggie, it’s vegan, it’s gluten free, it loves dogs & guess what? It’s not in Leigh. Hurrah.

I’ve basically just summed up what’s important to me when looking for somewhere to do brunch. Don’t get me wrong, I love a trip to Leigh-on-Sea every once in a while to stroll around shoulder to shoulder with all the Leigh Mums with their poodley dogs, drinking overpriced coffee & cake. But I also like having somewhere local to nip to when I’m starvin’ marvin’ for some decent food that caters to my GF tendencies. And if I can take a dog or two with me then we are absolutely winning.

So hang on, lets rewind.

Café No11 sits just by Rayleigh Station, almost opposite the Hungry Horse. Yes, it used to be called Clean Plate and no, it’s not the same owners. Which I’m pretty pleased about TBH. Clean Plate had the right concept but got it all so, so wrong. Me & Max were super excited when it opened, until we found out that it was overpriced & I always went away underfed & hangry.

And then a few weeks ago, the whole place got a mini makeover (laaaavly white metro tiles, copper details, new tables & chairs and a lovely wall menu created by the awesome Laserworks) and it reopened as a new brunch spot for me & Max to try.

I did my research on the important stuff first (‘hi there, are you dog friendly?’)

They said they were. Get in.

I packed up all my pooches & took myself down there to check the place out. They are still an eatery very much catering for dietary requirements. The menu concentrates on Veggie, Vegan & Gluten Free options (come to mumma) and ranges from breakfast & brunch to salads & sandwiches. Also on offer is great coffee, smoothies & protein shakes. So it’s 100% a place for the health conscious.

I’ve been a few times now (because it feels like an absolute treat being able to have a bit to eat whilst still attached to 2918 dogs) – the first time I had the sweetcorn fritters with halloumi & bacon. The second time I had the toasted Italian Sandwich on Gluten Free bread. The third time I had the Protein Pancakes with Greek Yogurt, Banana, honey & Cacao Nibs. And every time I had cake, because GIRL LOVES CAKE.





The food has been consistently great & the prices are really reasonable. Oh and the cake is really bloody good. Sorry to go on about it, but it’s hard to find a decent bit of Gluten Free cake that doesn’t taste like over sweetened cardboard. So hats off mate.

Top tip; coconut milk in your cappuccino is lush. And the grilled sandwich on rainy days goes down a treat.

If you’re looking for a local spot to pop into with pals for coffee, cake & all the ‘hello’ food I can highly recommend Café No11. I’d very much like it if you all flooded the place because basically I want them to stay there so I have somewhere to brunch on my doorstep. Kay thanks.

Now I’ve gotta go make me some pancakes BRB.

Ta very much Café No11 for having me in for a review – I think it’s pretty clear I’ll be back. Get ready for all the dogs.