Hola my pretty chicas. I’m totally buzzing off sugar right now. Someone in the office bought in the most giant tub of lollypops and I’ve somehow made it my mission to get through ’em.

Before long you find yourself wearing wigs in the office and you wonder how you’re even employed y’know?

Anyway, I’m here shouting about the new Nando’s on the Mayflower Retail Park Basildon. I want to first tell you that I was very kindly sent some ‘chicken cheques’ in the post which is baaasically the most adorable thing. Chicken cheques. I mean, heck, people should pay me in chicken more often. (Jokes, money is preferable, but hey I freakin’ love chicken so this is my second best choice ta very much).

Okay lets talk Nandos. This place popped up on my radar when I was around 16 and it fast became a popular hangout for a number of reasons; easy payment (none of that splitting the bill business which is a total ball ache at 16 years old), fast food that actually tasted good and didn’t make your skin erupt & of course the jazzy, jazzy music.

Fast forward 10 years (urgh I know, me so old) and I retreat to Nandos for a flippin’ good hangover cure or a ‘cheeky bit of chicken’ on the weekend.

So when I was asked to try out the brand spanking new Nandos on the Basildon Mayflower Retail Park I was like hell-to-the-yeah. A meal out with bae and the potential to do some shopping? Sounds ideal.

The boy and I made a right day out of it. And can I just say, I’ve never been to the Mayflower Retail Park but hey what a great little place.

These are the reasons you need to visit the new Basildon Nandos:

It makes for an ace afternoon out. This is pretty obvious, but the new Nandos sits slap bang in front of a whole array of shops. Chicken & shopping together, match made in heaven.

You can shop alllll the Christmas decorations at Next. Just saying. Next absolutely smashes it on the Christmas decoration front. We may have picked ourselves up a Christmas scented candle pack ’cause it’s November and that’s totally acceptable right? Crushing over the ‘Figgy Pudding’ <3

There’s a Sports Direct. For all your cut price sports wear, this is the place to be. Picked up a banging Nike sports top for a crazy priced £14.99. Well pleased with that. (Heading to the gym to work off the bucket load of peri-naise I ate after. Guilty). 

You can visit Outfit. Which is basically Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins & Oasis all having a party under one roof. Yup, how very convenient. They had a flippin’ good sale on too and I picked up the ultimate pair of Christmas heels in the sale for a sexy £17. THEY SO SPARKLY.

Heading to the new Nandos to rest your shopping feet & eat all the chicken. After doing all the shopping you gotta do all the eating. The shiny new Nandos is a stone throw away from the shops making it super easy to kick back after some retail therapy. It’s kitted out in the usual Portuguese style, with some really cool group seating areas and alllllll the colourful patterns. The seating is covered in Portuguese hand made fabric – pretty cool, huh.

Oh and there are new sides at Nandos. And a new burger. So there’s that. I had the super grain side (scrummy) and I begged Max to try the sunset burger. He didn’t but it looked way dreamy (two chicken thighs smothered in cheese, get in my belly).



That’s why folks. And in case you were wondering, I had the chicken butterfly (because you get two chicken breasts and I’m a chicken fiend), with a side salad & super grain. Max had the standard Nandos combination (1/2 chicken, peri-peri chips & coleslaw). He’s a predictable little bean.

The new Nandos was full to the brim with folks waiting for tables so clearly I’m not the only one that considers shopping & chicken a great combination.

Thanks for the invite Nandos Basildon, you were laaaavly. And Happy Thursday to all my gorgeous readers.








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  1. Levi
    3rd November 2016 / 8:08 pm

    We visit here often and enjoy the Costa coffee. Great retal park .
    Mainly been in mothercare lately lol Have not yet tryed nandoes here but looks lovely. Good blog jade keep it up. Love reading them