*Skips, jumps and woops*

I’m off to Iceland for work on Sunday and I’m waaaay excited.  I’m excited because OH MY GOSH it’s Iceland and it’s on my bucket list and HURRAH for snow and all that. But also because work are sending me and that’s pretty ace right?

Top points for my boss, thank you Sir.

I’m travelling and shadowing a class of South Essex College Beauty students whilst they visit the Blue Lagoon and we’re also throwing in a cheeky trip to see the Northern Lights. It’s the most fun thing I’ve been allowed to do at work since the giant lightshow/concert, the silent disco at V Fest and the ice cream tour across Essex (yeah, it’s a hard life, I know…)

Anywho, thinking about this as a student trip got me thinking about all the student trips I did abroad when I was at school and OH BLIMEY all the fun-at-the-time-but-incredibly-cringey  stuff that happened.

Y’know, all that stuff that happened from Year 7-11 when you went abroad with your friends, hormones a-raging and cheap make-up a-glowing?

Enjoy. Cringe away.

1.THAT coach journey. No one looking forward to the actual trip. Nah ah. The main attraction here is ‘WHO ARE YOU GONNA SIT NEXT TO ON THE COACH?’ And if you’re in a super organised group of friends you’ll come up with a rota for the whole entire coach journey. ‘For the first two hours I’m sitting next to Becky and then for the second two hours I’m sitting next to Leanne  and then…’  

2.That one teacher everyone fancied. Yes sir, no sir, oh you’re so flippin’ funny sir’ Nuff said.

3. Mixing with the locals. The days that were meant to be spent practicing Spanish but NAH AH let’s follow that cute Spanish boy in a giant girl gang cluster instead and laugh uncontrollably when he catches on. We were so fly at flirting it’s unreal.

4. The serious prep that goes into the trip beforehand. This includes persuading your bezzie to get their eyelashes tinted with you so you both look like absolute babes the whole trip, night or day. This obvs goes tits up when your bezzie’s face swells up half way through the trip with an allergic reaction. Lols.

5. Top notch outfit planning. Wearing matching tops with your gal pals to the airport and back like you’re on some wild under age hen do. So flippin’ mature for our age.

Florence 07 007

6. The holiday diet. Losing 4lb on the trip because you refuse to eat the hotels pre-packed lunches. ‘Is this horse meat in this baguette…?’ Yes, yes it was.

7. Those two students caught kissing by the toilet block and the gossip spreading quicker round the campsite than wildfire. Hands up. Guilty as charged. Soz not soz.

8. Obsessing over the windsurfing activity because OH MY GOSH all the boys will see us in wet suits. Blush blush blush.

Embrum 2006 294

9.Making sure you ALL have your digital camera for the 247264 photos you’re gonna take to upload to MySpace on your return. Standard.

10.Getting all glammed up for the disco at the end of the trip because it was obvs the most wildest party you’d ever been to…

spain 121

11. Hooking up. Coming back from the trip with a new Boyf and looking smug AF when you step off the coach that even your Mumma knows summins up.

12. FREE TIME. When you were given 2 hours free time which basically meant going to all the illegal market sellers to buy fake Chanel/Gucci purses or matching sandals or crappy anklets because well, we so classy.

13. Making memories you all remember. Gosh they were good times weren’t they?

Florence 07 019

History Trip ect. 005spain 067

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