This lil blog post has begun its beginnings at my Ma & Pa’s place. I’ve swung by to check in on Milo the TT and I’m in the process of consuming all the food in the fridge.

They can’t expect me to dogsit and not graze can they?

I’ve found the most delightful bar of dark chocolate with orange bits in it. It’s flippin’ ace.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of pondering and deep thinking and brain bamboozling about where I wanna be by the end of the year, and specific things I’d like to achieve.

I’m not talking big things ’cause let’s face it, becoming a millionaire and owning an Irish Wolfhound are slightly out of reach right now.

No, I’m talking little things. Mainly blog related things with a few personal extras chucked in. Here goes…


1. Be a social media queen.

Apparently, social media is where it’s at folks. No, I’m not late to the party, I just didn’t realise how big the freakin’ party was. So I’ve heard it in a few different guises now (friends, magazine articles, blah blah) that it’s not even really that bigga deal how many views your blog is getting if your social media accounts aren’t on point.

Facebook looks after itself, in some ways, ’cause that bad boy’s been going since the start of time. But my Instagram & Twitter need a wee bit of attention.

I decided a few months ago to stop posting personal photos on IG (me with my gal pals off our faces) and instead transform it into an extension of my blog. So now it’s made up of style, product & experience related photos that project my blog brand.

Anyone notice how hard I’ve been posting on IG lately? Uh huh, no coincidence.

Instagram is a more genuine, fun hobby of mine. Oh pretty photos in squares. Love love love.

Twitter, on the other hand, needs some work. I try and be witty and full of insightful social comment on Twitter but anyone that follows me on there may just find that a tad hilar. Let’s just say, I’ve got some work to do.

So let’s goal set.

I wanna reach 1k followers on Instagram and 800 followers on Twitter by December. 

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Insta 1

Insta 2


2. Work with some cool local brands.

Hey Local Brands, come at me. I’d like to work with you.

I like to celebrate all things great on here, and if you think you have something that I’d like to shout about then heck, why haven’t you been in touch already?

And just an FYI, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t ever feature anything on here that I didn’t believe in or think you lovely people wouldn’t wanna hear about.

If you look at my blog and  fancy collaborating with me then get in touch. I don’t bite. Not often anyway.

I have a media kit & rate card at the ready, and I’m always open to ideas and suggestions. Drop me a line at jadewithablog@gmail.com

Here’s the goal.

Welcome collaborations with open arms and bring some awesome content to the ol’ blog. 


3. Own an Olympus Pen.

And a tripod. And fix my DSLR. And maybe get a proper laptop. Basically, equip myself like a pro and stop using stacks of books to take OOTD photos. Lols. The struggle is real.

I genuinely felt like crying this week when my DSLR gave up on life. It’s making this slow wheezy noise when I try to focus on anything and it’s refusing to take any snaps whatsoever. I need to get it into camera hospital ASAP and bring my bae back to life.

As far as an Olympus Pen is concerned, I’ve wanted one for as long as I can remember and y’know what? I deserve one. It has wifi people. Photos would whiz straight onto my phone and onto my blog posts, effortlessly.

The bottom line is, all this tech would just make my life a hella lot easier. And as much as I love balancing my camera on things, and  plugging my DSLR into my mini laptop to upload photos at 2mph, I’d really just like to make my blogger life more time efficient.

Here’s the goal.

Invest in quality equipment to make blogging (um and life) effortless  


4.  Run a blogger event for Essex Bloggers.

I find myself talking blog speak to people that actually don’t give a crap. It’s like word vom, I can’t help myself.

Max is a trooper, he puts up with it 24/7.

So what I’d really like to do is make contact with Essex Bloggers. I know you’re out there. Let’s vibe. Let’s talk about all the things that get our goat and let’s bounce ideas off each other and OMG let’s be BFFs for life.

Then I was like, hang on a minute, let’s go one step further. I’m an Events Coordinator for goodness sake, I could throw a little shindig together right?

If you’re an Essex Blogger then let’s talk.

Here’s the goal.

Make Essex Blogger pals and throw together a wee event that’ll move mountains. There’s power in numbers. 


5. Get one of those snazzy content planners & be as organised AF

At the moment, I plan a months worth of content in my head. Completely impractical. My head is full of other gumph, like ‘oh gotta order inflatable palm trees for work’ and ‘MUST NOT FORGET THAT I’VE GOT NETBALL MONDAY, TUESDAY & THURSDAY’

I want one of those blogger planners with all the little sections to write things in. And maybe I could also invest in pretty coloured pens and colour code the shit out of it.

FYI this would make an ace birthday present. Just saying.

Here’s the goal.

Try and content plan like an adult. ie write it down somewhere neat and tidy. 


6. Learn a new skill. Like how to make macarons. 

Because I feel that a weekly tray of freshly baked macarons would add so much joy to my life. How hard can it be?

Someone hit me up with a recipe. I wanna get baking.

Here’s the goal.

Learn to bake. 
Goals are important. Don’t they say you’re more likely to achieve ’em if you write them down?

I’m intrigued, do you have a goal you’re hoping to achieve this year? Pray tell.

And if you don’t, sit yourself down with a coffee and figure some out. Go.