It’s 2nd January & Max is still off work. He’s like this lounge wear monster hanging around the house playing never ending games of Xbox & leaving a trail of Celebrations behind him wherever he goes.

But yeah, lovely having him about. Lols.

JKS love you babe.

Anyway, thought I’d just kick off the new year with a very basic HELLO ALL THE THINGS I LOVE RIGHT NOW.

Very simple. You know the drill. GO.



He did it again. He went totally off the Christmas list & just bought me a whacking, great big, amazing present that I did not expect in a million years. Well done, Maxwell. Top hubby points.

I’ve always loved the look of polaroid snaps. They go against everything I do right now camera wise. Currently with my Fujifilm I take 18274 snaps before deciding I might have the right photo to work with, and then I edit the shit out of it.

The instamax is a one hit wonder. You take the photo & hope for the best. It comes out instantly and whether it’s blurry or not it most definitely captures the moment perfectly. I quite like that. It’s a bit special.

My instamax is pretty special too, as it comes with 4 different lenses and colour filters, so apparently I can do some seriously snazzy stuff with it. I’ve just got to learn how to use it now.

If anyone’s got any tips on this kind of photography please hit me up – I’d be so grateful.




Are they French Bulldogs or are they Boston Terriers? You decide.

I unwrapped this from my Christmas Stocking from Santa (I’m 26 and yes my Mum still makes me up a stocking. Don’t be jell).

I love it and I’ve barely taken it off since Christmas Day. Should probs add it to the mammoth washing pile that’s growing in the corner of our bedroom. Sigh.

You can find it here if you’re just as crazy about dogs as me and must have one in your life.




I was seriously touched to receive so many lovely & thoughtful presents from dog mummas this Christmas Season. And this little stunbun of a body lotion was one of them. I’m a newbie Lush fanatic so I’m still discovering different products that many of you might have been using forever.

Seriously crushing on this right now.

I’ve been using it every night before bed and it really is pretty wonderful. It smells divine and I *think* it helps me sleep better. Or it’s tricking my mind into sleeping better. Which is basically the same thing.

Who care’s what it’s doing when it smells that good though, right?





I think I spoke about this dress already in an earlier post but BAM here’s me talking about it again. Mainly because it literally cost me about a tenner but look how statement she is ***sassy girl emojis***

I love her. She makes me feel like a discoball princess. I wore her twice over the festive season; once on a girls night out with my netball team and once on NYE. I got chatted up on the girls night out which NEVER happens so must of been the dress, obvs. And well Max twirled me a lot on the dance floor on NYE so I’m putting that down to this sparkly number too.

It’s got a V back too. Just saying.

Oh also just to add, the sequins are pretty soft so it doesn’t do that rubbing thing on your arms. Bloody hate that.





I asked for a longline grey coat for Christmas, and only my mother would order 839 different coats to find the right one for me. And it was so very worth it because this Topshop babe is a dream.

It’s slouchy, but could be dressy & it has little stretchy material cuffs that make it really cosy. (I’ve described that really crap but look at the photo, you get the picture yeah?)

Doesn’t even make me look too much of a midget. Well happy.

Oh & I just looked it up on the Topshop website to pull off the link for you and the name of the coat is ‘Olivia’. I like it.

FYI both Luna & Ronnie were determined to photobomb this OOTD. Mainly because Ronnie thought his outfit was better.

Topshop Olivia Coat




I need to get my butt in gear and eat uber healthy from now until the wedding (only 7 months of no pizza, Chinese or chips WAH). I really needed a bit of recipe inspo to get my head back in the healthy cooking zone, and although Jamie Oliver’s recipes aren’t strictly clean eating, they are fresh. And easily adaptable.

I quite like that it’s only 5 ingredients so it is fab for week night meal plans. Although my Mother-in-Law did discover the other day that Jamie secretly added a sixth ingredient into one of the recipes, and we’re both pretty livid about it.

I’ve got three of the dinners from the book planned for this week. Watch this space.



That is all. So much joy for January.

Hope you’ve all had a fab Christmas break and I really hope that no ones beating themselves up too much about festive food babies. Remember, Christmas is for eating whatever the heck you want.

All the love.

Here’s a photo of Luna the Border Collie Pup to finish because in’t she just adorbs?