Here I go again, banging on about making this big decision. But guys, guys, guys; hear me out. I’m looking for freelance work. And perhaps you’re looking for someone. Maybe I’m the lady you need.

Basically, ‘hello…is it me you’re looking for…’

I really bloody hope so, or I might be living off baked beans for a couple of months. At least I’ll be living the skinny life. Every cloud, eh.

There have been times over the past few weeks that I’ve mentioned to people that I’m going freelance and they’re like ‘oh cool, doing what?’ Which on one hand, is a wee bit baffling as I’ve been working solidly in event management for the past 4 years – I mean, I’m not exactly gonna go freelance as an equestrienne acrobat, am I? (Although wouldn’t that be super cool?) On the other hand, it’s made me realise that I need to be really clear and concise when communicating with people about what I do wanna do. Saying I’m going ‘freelance’ isn’t enough.

So here goes:

I am a bad-ass freelance Events & Project Manager, with a bit of social media & content writing expertise thrown in for good measure. With glitter on top. 

Got an event or project you need getting off the ground? I’m your gal. Need someone to look after your social media accounts and plan content because you hella busy holidaying or living your best life? I’m your gal. Need content written for online website/blog/marketing materials?  I AM YOUR GAL.

And if you need more persuading, here are 3 things I’m really good at:

I MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. No faffing. Just doing. 

I CREATE EXPERIENCES. I trained at Theatre School for three years. Aside from learning that eating hash browns for brekky every day is damaging, it taught me that every event, every campaign & every project is about creating a memorable experience, just like a piece of theatre. Otherwise, why bother?

I LOVE A CHALLENGE. There was this one time where I’d booked a company to come and recreate a mini beach landscape at an event. They cancelled on me three days before. It was a BEACH party, I needed a flippin’ beach. So I ordered 5 ton of sand and made the flippin’ beach myself. Ain’t no challenge big enough and all that. Oh and I saved on budget.

I’m organised, highly creative and hard working. I have a great collection of pirate themed jokes and a knack for naming dog breeds. I’m really compact and can fit into a suitcase (handy, right?) Have I sold myself yet? If not, here are a handful of projects I’m proper proud of:


SUMMER BEACH PARTY @ ADVENTURE ISLAND – SOUTH ESSEX COLLEGE. 1000 guests and the goal to make education seem really, flippin’ cool. Whaddya do? Give them all wristbands to the local theme park, cover them in festival glitter and create a beach party vibe for a really great day out.

LAUNCH OF THE PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE @ LONDON TOWER BRIDGE. Classy affair, this was. The launch of a new brand that needed to attract the right, professional audience. We planned an evening drinks reception on the Tower Bridge Walkways. The canapes were ace, the bubbles were lush and the view equally awesome.

#ENROLFEST CAMPAIGN. A collection of events, one purpose – South Essex College is the place to be. Free cinema tickets and free milkshake. Complete with a life sized blue cow, a load of fake grass, a bus full of dancers & a carnival thrown in for good measure.

LAUNCH OF THE NEW THURROCK CAMPUS – SOUTH ESSEX COLLEGE. This won our team an FE First Award in Event Management for all our hard work in turning a college site into a festival/concert – live performances (from Scouting for Girls, IKR?!), free BBQ food & a cracking light show on the building to finish. Technically and logistically demanding but well worth all the effort.

BLOGGING TRIP TO ICELAND. To say I’ve been paid to hang out at The Blue Lagoon with my camera is pretty special. Flown out to Iceland in 2016 to blog and collect content for course promotion was 100% a highlight to my year.

TAKING BATTERSEA DOGS & CATS HOME TO CRUFTS. Single handedly. With no events team.

THIS WEBSITE. My labour of love and outlet for writing like a crazed woman. Absolute evidence that I’m a multi-tasking machine. Just to note, I can write however you want, in whichever tone of voice that reflects your brand. Honest.


Wanna work with me? Drop me a line at jadewithablog@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you. I might even take you out for coffee with my last £5 note to discuss future work opportunities.

I know this post seems like I’m blowing my own trumpet but I’ve been told by so many people that I’ve just gotta put myself out there. So here’s me and my work value in a blog post. I hope this makes it crystal clear what I’m after and all the things I have to offer.

Kay bye. (Gonna try real hard not to spend the next 24 hours refreshing my inbox like a loon. Guilty)










    • 18th July 2017 / 7:57 pm

      Cool thanks Jess! I will certainly do just that ?