Valentine’s Day, as a commercial concept, bugs the hell out of me. Oi shops, stop telling me how to love (and FYI it would never be in the form of a cheap teddy bear or a poem written by a stranger). 

I told Max I was gonna write some kinda anti Valentines themed post and he basically called me up on it; ‘that’s like saying you don’t like Christmas because it tells you that you should sit around the table with your family when you should be doing that throughout the year anyway. And you love Christmas’.

Touché my clever man.

So instead of nattering on about my opinions of Vday I thought I’d put together a gift guide list for the clueless boyfriend. In my mind I’m conjuring up images of past adolescent boyfriends with crappy Me2You bears in their hands. Hun, I got you. Refer to the list & she’ll probs date you for at least another 2 weeks before dumping you in form time by way of a paper note. Gosh school was harsh.

Luckily for me, Max doesn’t need this list. One; because he is the ultimate present giver (fo’ real. For example in 2010 he booked me a glamping safari trip & in 2015 he gifted me a Vivianne Westwood bracelet to signify getting the keys to our first place. Yup, he’s spesh). Number 2; he decided last year that he would buy me Friday flowers every week because y’know, love is for 365 days of the year and all that.

True to his word, fresh flowers have arrived every Friday without fail. Absolute babe indeed.

So there’s one idea for you. Your welcome. But enough about me and the boy, I share far too much of my life with the internet as it is. So here’s some more ideas that are way better than Netflix & Chill:

1. Valentines Day Lush ProductsMy top picks would be the Massage Love Bar and the Cupid Bath Bomb. Maybe with a bit of Prince Charming thrown in for good measure. If you’re like, proper in love, you could put together a box set of products for £39.99. Just saying.

2. Bloom & Wild Flower Subscription. Don’t be content with one bunch of flowers – be like Maxwell and do flowers throughout the year to show your gal she’s top notch. With Bloom & Wild you can get three different types of subscription with flowers being posted right through her letterbox. I’d only advise doing this if you and your lady are pretty steady. Could be pretty awks if you broke up and she continued to get flowers for another 6 months. Lols.

3. Cath Kidston PJs. You can’t really beat some fancy pants PJs can you? Every girl loves a snuggle. Give her the ultimate attire to do it in.

4. Book her an appointment at the hairdressers and pre-pay. Didn’t you know the way to a girls heart is to make her feel extra specially sparkly? (This could also be used in conjunction with spa days/nail salons et cetera et cetera)

5. A box of  Laduree MacaronsLet your gal be Blair Waldorf for the day by buying her a swanky box of macarons to enjoy in the bath. Naturally.

6. Or a box of Love Brownies because hello to their cute Vday range. I can personally say these are delicious with a capital D and the personalised packaging is a super nice touch.

7. Something from the Olivia Burton Bee Mine range. Like this box set which is pretty adorbs. Or if you’re looking for something a little less pricey, this drop bracelet with an engraveable bar would make a really classy and thoughtful gift.

8. A personalised sweater from Notonthehighstreet.com. Mine would probs say:- ‘Love is… Mutual appreciation of dogs & cuddles on a Sunday.’ Although I think that exceeds the character limitation. But you catch my driftOh and also another gem from Notonthehighstreet would be these ‘Lets Avo Cuddle’ biscuits‘… I mean I cant even.

9. Jo Malone perfume. Everyone over on Insta is going cray cray for this new scent from Jo Malone. So I’m guessing it’s a no brainer for a great gift. And they do super flashy gift sets too. So yeah.

10. Something with her initials on. Because it’s all the rage at the moment. I wanna stitch JW onto everything (although I could just buy a bulk load of accessories from Jack Wills…) The Cambridge Satchel Company are doing free personalisation on their Vday gifts if ordered before midnight tonight. So hurry hurry.

11. And when all else fails, the gift of shoes or bags never disappoint. Or pizza. Buy her pizza. 


And that is my big fat list of Valentines gifts to inspire the male species far and wide. And do you know what’s most important? Just tell her how much she means to you. And tell her how much you appreciate her. That’ll be sure to make her smile.

FYI ladies, these ideas are totally also okay as ‘treat yo’ selves’ because your first love should always be you. Don’t ever forget that.

Happy Valentines Day you lovely lot.

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  1. H.faherty
    13th February 2017 / 7:53 pm

    so even though I ve seen a pandora bag hiding on the book shelf, I ve treated myself to a Katie Loxton clutch pouch today as got loads of weddings coming up….. and that’s all about the love!!💞