Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform.

It’s just scroll for days beautiful content at your finger tips. It’s stories being told through images. It’s people I don’t know giving me style inspo or food ideas or telling me about cool things that I could go and do. YAAAAAS COME AT ME.

Instagram’s sole USP as a platform was the use of filters. That normal people like you and  I could make our photos look pretty flashy and pro-fesh. Our dark, grainy phone photos all of a sudden looked clean and bright and fresh, all boxed up in this user friendly (stalker friendly) grid.

So in celebration of all things Insta, I thought I’d do a roundup of my recent content. Because that’s kinda fun right? And maybe it’ll persuade you to go follow me if you don’t already, IDK.


5th June 2017




We were at Max’s parents house waiting for a big fat off roast when I decided (much to Max’s dismay) that this yellow flowered tree/bush was waaaaaay insta worthy and I wanted a photo in front of it. I do this thing where I really casually go ‘Can you get a photo of me?’ and thrust my iphone into Max’s hands. AND POSE. I do my usual ‘oh hey what’s that over there’. He’s such a saint.

I basically wanted to show off this H&M jacket a bit because oh my gosh she’s my new staple wardrobe item. Pink denim – winner winner chicken dinner.

P.S Max’s Mum told me the name of these flowers but I can’t quite remember. BUT BUT BUT they actually smell exactly like pineapples. True story.



7th June 2017


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In the wake of all the horrible and despicable things that have happened lately, this photo seemed truly fitting.

Love conquers hate, always.

Love hard every day and celebrate the abundance we have in the world.

Don’t be swayed by the actions of others.


I took this photo at my brother’s wedding last year (their wedding was well & truly Pinterest worthy, I tell ya) and there was a hell of a lotta love in the room that night.



9th June 2017

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I took this before work on a Friday morning. Needless to say, I missed my train and was well and truly late – doh.

Ever since I started working in London, work-wear has actually been a really tricky one for me. There’s this whole smart/casual thing going on at the new place that I just can’t seem to get a grip with. Some people wear heels to work and others trainers. Getting the balance right is so flippin’ hard. You don’t wanna wear anything too nice because oh hello dogs everywhere, but you don’t wanna turn up to meetings looking like a slob.

This was one of my more casual than smart outfits. It was a Friday so y’know, comfort was key. I’ve been wearing non-stop monochrome with red lippy more & more recently and I really need to get out of this rut. SOMEONE SEND GOLD SEQUIN TROUSES PLZ.


11th June 2017

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Now this is what Sunday’s are made of. Good coffee, good eggs and good fiance in a proper ace Adidas tee (babe if you’re reading this, top style points <3)

I try to capture stuff on my Instagram in real time which is tricky because usually I’m y’know, too busy enjoying real time. But on this particular morning, as I looked up from my dreamy stack of avo & egg, I was like uh huh this is Insta worthy. This is what makes me insanely happy. This is what I want my grid to be filled with.

FYI this is M&S gluten free bread. It’s the next best thing to the real stuff. I’d give it a big gold star recommendation for any gluten non-eaters out there. Just trying to help a sister out.


16th June 2017

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On this particular day, I was out walking 4 dogs, mulling over my not so distant future & getting to grips with some pretty strong life choices. More to be revealed this week, probs.

This is a linseed crop. The purple flowers only open in the morning & close in the afternoon. I didn’t realise how lucky I was to be surrounded by all this beaut countryside until this little convo at work the other day:

Work colleague – ‘What you up to tonight?’

Me – ‘Me & Max gonna go for a run in the woods tonight’

Work colleague – ‘whatttttt you live near a woods? That’s so cool! That must be so nice!’

Me – ‘Yeah… I live near the beach too, which is pretty ace.’

Work colleague*jaw drop*

People local to me, listen up; never take all this for granted. So many people are living in concrete landscapes.


9th June 2017

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YUP, there’s the pink denim jacket again. And nope, this isn’t sponsored content for H&M. Lol lol lol.

Anything Breton + slogan = something Jade would very much wear.  This little cutie winged it’s way over to me from Topshop. A present from Mumma.

I took this photo in the mirror and then spent waaay too much time trying to find an app that would flip the image, so people could actually read what it said. Because ‘yhcaep’ isn’t quite as catchy, right?


22nd June 2017

Blog 2


Dreamy interiors is something I don’t share on my Insta enough. Second to OOTD, it’s probably the thing I lust over on other people’s feeds. Erica Davies (from The Edited) posts an abundance of shots from her home and they are serious interior design goals – go check out her feed if you get a chance. I mean, she even had a La Redoute rug named after her, for flip sake. How cool is that?!

This shot was taken in Geneva whilst swanning around their chic independent shops. If someone wants to send me a tin of this colour paint that would be grand. I don’t have any walls left in my house but I’m sure I could do something with it.


And that’s my Instagram roundup. If this hasn’t deterred you (awks if so) then head over to my Instagram here and give me a follow. You’d be helping a gal pal out.

Happy Thursday. One day ’till the weekend – hallelujah.