Wanderlust; a strong desire to travel 

Hands up ladies & gents;

Have you ever sat in your office, eating your lame chicken avocado salad, thinking ‘flippin’ heck there’s gotta be more to life than this?’

The phone hasn’t stopped ringing, your unread emails are off the chain and big glenda from front office keeps barking orders. (Totally made that last bit up).

And don’t get me wrong, I know I’m a lucky bunny. I have a roof over my head (an amazingly good lookin’ roof), food on my table and I’m surrounded by friends & family who love me no matter how hangry I can get.

But I’ve always been in the mentality that adventures happen to other people.

Adventures are for Instagrammers with their insanely white teeth and white beaches to match. They’re for those people who you used to go to school with, who are now half way around the world island hopping, their happiness as big as their rucksacks. Adventures are for that friend of a friend who’s just climbed Kilimanjaro, blindfolded, and lassoed 10 crocodiles all in one day.

It’s always just seemed a little out of my reach.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried to get myself an adventure. I’ve bought New Zealand guide books, talked for hours about trips we could do and sat for a hella long time on the STA travel website.

But I’ve never committed to it. Something’s always come up; sad bank balance, job promotion, wrong timing.

Except for now.

I may have done something quite out of the ordinary for Jade last night. I may have booked something quite spontaneously. And a ‘holiday’ has never felt so thrilling and exciting and ‘wow what did I just do’. 



Maxwell & I are heading out to Sardinia, Italy for a mini adventure. A petite adventure for 3 nights. Kayaking around islands and camping out on deserted beaches. Snorkelling in bright blue sea and waving at passing dolphins.

Now if you know me quite well, then you’ll know I’m a pristine hotel, fluffy towels, gourmet buffet kinda gal. So a kayaking, island hopping trip is quite out of the norm as far as my usual holiday haunts are concerned.

I’m stoked. I feel like that’s an appropriate way to describe it.

And yes it’s only a short trip; ‘what’s the big deal?’ I hear you say. But everyone’s gotta start somewhere with their adventure and mine & Max’s starts on 16th August.

I’ve always considered camping a really great way to reconnect with yourself and find some balance. Being out in the fresh air in the middle of nowhere can do wonders for the soul. Y’know, no phones, no emails, no busy schedules, and certainly no Pokemon to catch. (Biggest stress right now, I tell ya).

I’ve gotta pack really, really super light. As in I have a rucksack for 3 days and that’s it. If you’ve got any tips about  how to pack all the usual gal items into a teeny, tiny bag I’d be most grateful for them. (Y’know, dry shampoo, moisturiser, brow pencil, tangle teezer, ASOS swimming cozzie & 152 tops). 

Oh and if anyone’s got any advice on not falling out of a kayak please throw it my way. That would be ace.

That will be all for this evening. But if you’re feeling even just a tiny bit curious about our trip, check out Go Sea Kayak, the guide we’re going through.

Happy hump day everyone.

And remember, everyone has to make their own adventure.



  1. 21st July 2016 / 4:59 pm

    THIS IS SO EXCITING! I love just saying ‘fuck it’ and booking holidays haha! Sardinia is beautiful and I’m so jealous about all the ACTIVITIES you have lined up. You’re gunna have an amazing time 🙂 xxx
    Kristy |

    • 21st July 2016 / 9:24 pm

      Thanks Kristy! We cannot wait! Yessss you know that ‘fuck it’ feeling too – the best feeling right?! 🙂