Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned making my first vlog?

I was all cocky and confident that I was taking not one, but two GoPro’s to Sardinia with me, along with my baby (Fujifilm x-a2). I was determined to film the whole trip and edit into some super cool video?

Uh huh, I had no idea. 

So apparently talking to camera isn’t easy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know I sound like a dweeb on film but seriously, what is wrong with me?

And apparently editing is even bloody harder. As in ‘don’t try this at home‘ folks. It will drain all life out of you until you can look at a computer screen anymore.

I somehow managed to spend 8+ hours figuring out how to incorporate GoPro footage and normal video footage together into some kind of timeline stream of something.

I then thought I’d lost the whole thing whilst exporting it. Had a tantrum of major proportions; gave Max a right headache. Then realised it was actually there in my video folder all along. LOLS.

So here it is folks. My first ever and last ever vlog. Soz for all the ‘so yeah…’ and ‘umm’ and really crappy camera angles. All the stuff that makes you wanna throw stuff at YouTube videos.

If you make videos for a living, just don’t watch this. Just go read my post on the trip instead which you can find here. 

If you are determined to watch it, then the upside is alllll the pretty views of Sardinia hurrah.

Oh it’s like 8 minutes long so grab a cuppa and a doughnut.

Happy Friday all.