When we moved into our first home, flowers became a really big deal. I felt like I’d hit ultimate adult peak when vasing up a new bunch of flowers on a Saturday morning over gourmet coffee bought me more joy than recovering from a big night out.

I like hydrangers. And roses. And bunches of gyp with lots of foliage.

And then last year, Max started doing ‘Friday Flowers’. Which is basically the best thing ever & I urge every one of you with a partner to nag them into doing this for you. Without being super smug (and repeating myself as I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before), Max brings home flowers every Friday without fail. Hurrah.

So yeah, our house rarely goes without flowers on our kitchen table and they really mean something to us. So when Freddie’s Flowers got in touch asking if I’d like to try their  subscription flower delivery service I was like ‘well yeah, I can give the boy a week off. He’ll be thrilled.’ 

I spoke with them before Christmas, and had completely forgotten all about it until Friday morning when a long box turned up on my doorstep. I was having a particularly rubbish morning – I’d woken up with a swollen top lip due to a coldsore invasion & I hadn’t slept that well. So this really was a welcome treat – thank you Freddie, you’re a babe.



On opening the beautifully wrapped, brown paper package, I saw that I’d been sent a mix of soft pink roses, white tulips and some other really pretty foliage and smaller flowers. Well, well – lucky me.

Okay so here’s the two top things I found super duper about this service:



Come on, these aren’t petrol garage flowers (not that there’s anything wrong with that bae, obvs).

These are like, statement flowers. Flowers that people comment on when they walk through the door – ‘oh I say Jade, that really is a wonderful vase of flowers you have there yada yada yada’. Yup, I’ve had a fair few compliments on them this weekend actually. And I’m like ‘why thank you, I arranged them myself *super smug face*’

It really did feel like a special ‘treat yo’self’ package & I tell you what, they’ve totally brightened up my kitchen this weekend.



This is hands down the best bit – the bit I was really impressed with. The flowers came with a little card that tells you exactly what’s in your bunch & how to pop them in a vase like a pro.

Come on, we’ve all been there when you buy some flowers and then you end up cutting way too much off the stems & arranging them really crappy in a vase that isn’t suitable, right? Or is that just me?

Freddie got my back though. And they don’t look half bad do they? Maybe I’m wasted looking after dogs all day…




I must admit, I think the vase I used was too small for this spectacular bunch of flowers. And then I couldn’t decide which room they looked better in – our bedroom or the kitchen. I settled on the kitchen, where they could be admired by any guests.

Also, just to note – the roses have really opened out now they’re in water. They look far better now after a day or two than they do in these photos actually. And the teeny  tiny flowers are also starting to open which was a lovely little surprise.

If you, like me, are into flowers in a big way but would rather someone flower-savy put together lush combinations for you & to tell you what to do with them, then give Freddie’s Flowers a wee look. He has a proper sleek website, I must say. The in’s & out’s are explained on there too, like how you sign up & how it all works.

Oh and you can get 50% off your first two boxes when you sign up this month using the code – JWBFF12. 

Happy Monday folks. May your coffee be strong, your hair on point & your attitude sassy. Have a good week everyone


Freddie’s Flowers very kindly gifted me this flower box to sample their services, but obviously all thoughts in this review are my own – I really do love flowers & I really do think weekly flowers are a kick ass idea *sassy girl emoji*