Nothing makes you get your writing roller skates on like your Dad telling you to.

I’ve opened up this window to get typing a number of times over the past few months and then shut the laptop right back up. My thoughts were;

Why is anyone going to read this?

I have nothing noteworthy to write about?

I live in mud splattered active wear and rarely get out the house nowadays?


But my dad, quite rightly, said that my blog (my old labour of love) should not be pushed by the wayside and that there’s more to write about than new wardrobe items & swanky trips out.

Of course, Dad’s know best.

So hello yes, here I am, typing away. Crikey, how’ve you all been?

Instead of jumping into a blog post with a firm topic, I thought I’d just give you an update on 2019 Jade. Some thoughts and plans and general ‘this is where I’m at’.


Apparently married life is the same as non-married life. Do you know how many people say to you in the months following your wedding ‘So….how is married life?’ whilst looking at you REALLY expectantly. Like I’m about to divulge some secret thing that happens after you say ‘I do’. Spoiler; no big fanfare.

Married life is just using phrases like ‘oh my HUSBAND is due home from work any minute…‘ and ‘howdy, this is my HUSBAND…

It’s having really shared bank accounts which allows for sneaky clothes purchases and exclaiming ‘BUT WE’RE MARRIED NOW SO WHAT’S MINE IS YOURS BABY’.

It’s also having a new signature which gave me all the heeby-jeebys at the bank when I was asked to come up with a new one on the spot.

Um hello what? You want me to suddenly decide on a new way to sign for things for the rest of my life? Why have I now forgotten how to use a pen? Does this bank lady wanna STOP eyeballing me and the paper? I CANNEE TAKE THIS KINDA PRESSURE.

I’d like to clarify that I came up with a new (and rather undistinguishable) signature which looks like a 2 year olds scribble. Jolly good. Going into adult married life STRONG, Jade.


In case you weren’t aware, 2019 is my year of travel. I couldn’t bear the thought of a bland 2019 after such a memorable 2018, so what’s a girl to do?

Book a loada holidays, obvs.

And okay, it’s not TRAVEL as in grabbing my backpack and trekking through jungles whilst riding tuk-tuks & jumping off cliff edges into clear blue waters. It’s not these huge trips that everyone seems to be doing right now (not jealous at all in the slightest eh).

But I am finally in a place (which I have never been in before) where I can go – you know what? I want to book some holidays.

So this year, I have already visited my grandparents in Lanzarote. This weekend I’m off to Prague. In May I’m off to Italy. In September I’m visiting New York for the first time And in October I am off to Scotland.

Okay, it’s not travel on a grand scale but it’s just the right amount of travel for me ta very much.



I’m on the hunt for some freelance work. Or maybe a new business idea? The Paws Club, my baby, is going strong. I love it. It brings me so much happiness and a sense of freedom I never thought I would have from work. It’s not work really, it’s a lifestyle choice that just so happens to earn me money.

I get to about 2pm though and I’m twiddling my thumbs a bit. The dogs (as they are right now as I type) are in mega nap mode around me. One of them is snoring, another just emitted a tiny, audible fart (deffo the lab). And I’m here on my laptop scrolling Facebook, wasting time.

So does anyone wanna give me a part time job to do between the hours of 2-5pm? I can write/design/social media the shit out of your business. I also tell really great jokes (although slightly besides the point). The only criteria the job has to hit is I can’t leave the house and it needs to be done from my laptop here at home, whilst miniature dachshunds warm my feet.

If I don’t get any takers, I’m just gonna have to start another business. Cue mind whirring.


A change in shopping habits. I am trying SO HARD to buy clothes that I really love. In the words of Marie Kondo ‘spark joy’.

Where I live in active wear (and dog slobber)  nowadays, I’ve found it’s broken my very bad habit of ‘fast fashion’ – buying cheap items of clothing to keep up with different trends and wear a monopoly of different outfits to work on a weekly basis. I was a super bad offender of the fast fashion industry only a few years ago, and I am happy to say I am much more conscious about my buying habits nowadays.

I am trying to buy investment pieces which I can re-wear time and time again. So I now ask myself these questions;

‘Is this versatile enough for my wardrobe?’

‘Do you actually need this? And most importantly, do you really LOVE it?’

‘Is this going to last? ie; is it good quality?’

Gosh I sound like a bore. No, wait. I sound like an adult. Yes Jade, win.



2019 is the year for self-love people. This is not a trend. I repeat, this is not a trend. In fact I refuse for it to be a trend because it is so important.

2019 is the year we all start showing ourselves a bit more love. Self-acceptance is here to stay.

Do you feel it too? Everybody is talking about looking after ourselves, our bodies, our minds. Positive thoughts, slowing down, listening to what we need – and most importantly not listening to all the noise on Social Media.

It’s not just about lush bath bombs and real fruit smoothies (although tbf an intergalactic bath bomb does wonders for my soul). It’s exercising for wellbeing, eating what your body needs and getting enough sleep. It’s being active about positive thoughts and just being generally kind to yourself and in turn, to others.

Sounds really lame but I honestly believe it’s something we should all be making a conscious effort with.

Show yourself some love. You are enough.


And on that note, I am signing off. I have a Miniature Schnauzer demanding some afternoon snacks and a curly haired cockerpoo looking for cuddles. Who am I to refuse?


Prague blog post coming up next week.










  1. Lisa Woodward
    20th February 2019 / 11:36 pm

    A major observation from running my women’s network is nearly everyone wants training on social media – and quite often the absolute basics. If you can find a way to do that…?

  2. Lyn Ewers
    21st February 2019 / 8:06 pm

    Sooooooo lovely to see you blogging again Jade, I for one, really missed you. Have to say, I did miss the fashion tips, at my age I need all the tips I can get hahahahaha 🤪🤪
    Glad all is going well for you, enjoy your wonderful holidays & I’ll be looking forward to more blogs, big hugs lovely lady 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  3. Karen
    21st February 2019 / 8:36 pm

    Yaaaaay at last Jade!! What a lovely breath of fresh air, a great read thank you. Welcome back 😘😘😘

  4. Lynn Jones
    22nd February 2019 / 9:25 am

    Welcome back Jade. I’ve missed your blogs. I’m always hoping that one day they might inspire me to write my own about how life has changed for me since retiring and moving to Wales. One day…….😀

  5. Debbie Yarwood
    25th February 2019 / 9:41 am

    Jadycakes you’re back, yaaaay, I’ve missed reading your bloggy stuff since you abandoned us here at Sec just so you can go live the dream with your dream job, you make me smile, see ya soon hun xx