So unless you’re social media blind, you probably know that I took a trip to Iceland this week for work. And you probably know that I had a fabulous time.

I’ve already done some write ups for work which you can find here, here and here. They are pretty work focused, so here’s me talking Iceland in a strictly THIS IS WHERE IT’S AT GALS kinda way.

And really I just wanted to do a little personal shout out to Iceland because, well, I think I may well be in love with the place. So darn dreamy.

Iceland is the type of place you hear about couples visiting and getting engaged under the Northern Lights and thinking OH MY GOSH WHY DOESN’T THIS HAPPEN TO ME?


But I can say first hand that it’s NOT only good for this kinda trip. I mean sure, it’s nice to be serenaded under the Aurora borealis but this place can serve as an amazing trip for groups or families too.

There’s so much to do there and so much to see. And everyone’s like, really really nice.

Okay, so if you’re thinking of jumping on the band wagon, being a super cool cat and visiting Iceland then here’s some things that you must do.

1.Go to the Blue Lagoon. Because yes it’s a tourist fave but there is a very good reason for it too. It’s stunning. And they really have got it spot on there, from the great changing room spaces to the fluffy white gowns you can get to wear down to the spa.

I mean flippin’ heck it’s got a swim up bar for goodness sake. Which, by the way, sells alcohol OR smoothies for those of you who are on super health kicks.

There’s a little ‘mud bar’ that you can swim up to and get free face masks to smother all over your chops.

There’s big burly men giving water massages (at 60 Euros a pop, mind you)

It’s the best place to just kick back by a hot spot in the waters and pretend you’re a billionaire. Take in the A-MAZING views of the surrounding mountains. Because it doesn’t get a lot better than this, I tell ya.


2.Visit the Hamburger Factory. There’s three of these hot spots in Reykjavik and they sell 15 different types of burgers. Come to mumma.

I must admit that I didn’t have a burger (I KNOW SHAME ON ME) but only because they had this ace chicken salad wrap thing on the menu that that looked like it was gonna make my insides smile. And it did.

We actually went for dinner there twice  because LOL it’s -4 outside and it’s snowing and we’ve got to keep a close eye on the 14 students that seem to be behaving just a little too good for my liking.

It also served desserts and milkshakes that were the stuff dreams are made of.



3. Take in the natural sights. So yeah obvs there’s the Northern Lights which I’m sure are amazeballs (I’m not bitter that we didn’t get to seem them or nuffin’).

But besides this there’s also all this other breathtaking stuff that’s just like there.  So go see it.

I’m talking waterfalls and Geysirs (‘Geezers’) and tectonic plates. I could never get excited about Geography at school but if I was taken to see this stuff I’d have probably understood what the Geography teacher was getting so enthusiastic about y’know? It’s bloody exciting and it makes you feel alive.




4. Drink sunshine smoothies from Bootzbar. I only realised the place across the way from our hotel had a smoothie bar on our last morning. WAH.

So whilst I was eating cold boiled egg and a slice of orange every day at 9am, I could have been getting my daily smoothie fix with a ‘Rocking Raspberry’ or a ‘Green Detox’. Darnnit.

It had a whole array of fresh ingredients to pick from which they’d then whizz up for a tasty  treat. And when I say ‘fresh ingredients’, I’m not talking ‘Subway fresh’. I’m talking the proper good stuff.


5. Go on the Game of Thrones tour. Unfortunately I wasn’t in Iceland for long enough to tick this off the bucket list but OH M GEE wouldn’t this be ace?

6. Wear outrageous thermal wear. Because no one know’s your wearing it under your clothes and you can feel as sassy as hell all day long.

7. Go into central Reykjavik. See the Hallgrimskirkja church which by the way, STRIKING.

Wander the streets and take in all the cute coloured houses. Look at all the artsy stuff. There’s a hella lot to see. And I can imagine the shopping is pretty incredz but unfortunately I only had a short amount of time in the central city.

Even more reason to go back right?

A country that fully believes in elves and goblins gets my vote, hands down. Add in a truck load of snow and we’ve got a winning holiday destination here.

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  1. 30th January 2016 / 8:06 pm

    Great post 😊 I’ll definitely keep this in mind when planning my trip. I definitely need some outrageous thermals!

    • 30th January 2016 / 8:15 pm

      Thanks! Have a great time when you go, it really is such an awesome place 😊 thanks for the follow as well 😘 xx

  2. 30th January 2016 / 10:10 pm

    Wow! amazing photos and a good happy trip you enjoyed 🙂