Hey super duper people. Today is a fabulous day for two reasons:

Number 1. I skip off to one of my favourite places in the UK tomorrow (Wallingford, Oxfordshire) for a long weekend of camping, boating & some serious down time with some of my pals.

Number 2. It’s the day that I launch my shiny, brand new business to the world. TA DA.

Last week I wrote this post and it had a huge response – for that, I am forever grateful. It reassured me that yes, this was totally the right decision. But it did leave a lot of people going ‘so what you gonna do then girl?

So I thought I’d share my thought process with you so you can understand how I came to the decision to start ‘The Paws Club’ (yes, that’s the name of my shiny, new business and yes, it’s all about dawgs)

It was actually very straight forward. I knew the things I liked doing (flexible working hours, providing excellent customer service, being my own boss, working with animals) and I knew the things I didn’t like doing (being chained to a desk inside all day, not working creatively, working for an organisation that lacked innovation and vision). I also knew I wanted more time to work on my blog as a source of income and to find freelance projects that I really wanted to do. And so I needed a flexible business. And that’s when I was like, well I’m bloody good with dogs. Let’s look at that.

After some research, I discovered that dog walkers/boarders in my area were full up. And I was like ‘well if there’s a need for a lady to look after dogs, that’s totally gonna be me’. 

And so ‘The Paws Club’ was born. A pet care service for the busy, modern dog owner.

So this week, despite the website still being in its development stages, we took three bookings – hurrah! (All thanks to referred business from the lovely Sandra from Sandra’s Dog Walking Service)

We can’t wait to welcome Jess the Jack Russell-Cross, Pebbles the Cockerpoo and Lu-Lu & Gizmo the Shitzu’s into The Paws Club. Pawsecco & Brewdog all round.

I’ll be using my holiday to take bookings for the week commencing 24th July and the week commencing 21st August – so if you’d like to try out our services on these weeks, get in touch (Especially as I’m offering discount walks for only £7 – bargain, mate). And then our official start date for ‘The Paws Club’ is 11th September. From that date we’ll be open for all bookings, from walking to holiday boarding.

So please, please, please support a local girl and do her a big favour – go check out my new website here (sign up to the newsletter at the bottom for photos of dogs & updates), follow me on Instagram here and give my page on FB a like here. I don’t ask for much do I?

Oh and my logo is still in design at the moment. I know I should have waited to launch until this was done but you know I have zero patience.

Sending so much appreciation and love your way.

And now it’s time to go pack for an epic camping trip. Have a great week guys.