I’ll keep this super brief but I just had to put this out there.

You, my super duper community of lovely people, are just the best.

Yesterday when I published this post, I had no idea that it would get so much love and so much support (600+ views & counting, not that I’m stat stalking or nothing). I had a ton of you reaching out and giving me positive vibes and ‘YAAAS GO ON GAL’ messages that I feel like I’m floating on a cloud today (although I have just eaten my body weight in sushi so…)

I’ve always wanted this blog to be a place where people can really relate. Away from all the glossy images of the media that bamboozle us at every turn, I try and keep things pretty real on here with the writing and even the images to a certain extent (I mean I don’t post photos of me looking like the grim reaper┬ábecause no one wants to see that right?) And TBH, apart from the stats I never really know who’s checking in and I never really know what you all think.

So all the little messages over FB/Insta/Blog comments over the past 24 hours have been an epic, community hug for me.

It’s also been mega lovely that so many of you found the post so useful and empowering. I’ve had various ladies getting in touch and telling me that they either feel the same way or have been going through the same thing recently or in the past. And that this has inspired them to make changes or it’s reaffirmed their decisions to change direction.

All I can say to that is ‘you have so got this’.

I’m keen to keep this community spirit going. Maybe I’ll host a little #GirlBoss event at some point down the line for ladies who are kicking ass at life and ladies who need a little bit of inspo about kicking ass at life. Thoughts?

I’m gonna go and attempt to clean the house now (umm #LivingMyBestLife?)

Thanks again for all the laaaavly support.