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On Saturday evening at 9.30pm, I was in Battersea finishing a strawberry gin and steak & chips. I had no idea that in less than an hour, an atrocity was about to take place less than 4 miles down the road.

We jumped in our car at 9.45pm and  began to make our way out of London. It seems ironic now that we spent the first part of the journey talking about the beauty of London and all the sights lit up in the dark. As we zoomed out of the capital, behind us the sinister attack on London Bridge began and we had absolutely no idea. I was snoozing, Max was complaining about my stinky feet. Standard.

It wasn’t until we pulled up on our driveway and  I looked at my FB feed that I realised what had happened.

The news of the latest attacks in the UK are truly shocking.  I’m still reeling from this latest, selfish act – so random and so utterly thoughtless.

And since Westminster Bridge, since Manchester, since London Bridge, the same conversations keep cropping up on my social media feed or with family, friends. ‘Surely we could have done this…’ and ‘why are the government not doing this…‘ and my least favourite of all – ‘they should just round them all up and kick them out the country…

I don’t want to say some of these things are short sighted because it’s easy to think harshly and cruelly in the face of harsh and cruel acts. I get it; you’re blood boiling-ly mad. Seething. I am too. But it’s important to remember that this issue is huge and complex and it’s by far an easy one to solve.

And this issue isn’t going to be solved with hate. I know that, I feel it in my bones.

So here’s the thing; I don’t want this post to be about the negatives. Let’s not give those so-and-so’s the airtime. I want this post to remind us that we are actually bad-ass strong and that as long as we stay unified and united as a country, then we will not be beaten.

The best thing we can do?

Ride that train

Visit that place

Do all the things you would normally do

Don’t let these events sway you. Lets go about our daily business and show these poor excuses for humans that no matter what they do, we are a country of people committed to love, respect,  law & order.

Because that’s the bottom line, right?

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King.

I was set to write about something entirely different tonight, but nothing else really seemed to matter. Stay strong people, and spread more love than you ever have before.

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  1. Cliff
    6th June 2017 / 12:49 pm

    Lovely words Jade. London still is a beautiful place-was there the day after and people going about their normal business. It’s just so sad that these evil people do not get the fact that dispite their barbaric acts, which have no resemblance to descent normal human behaviour , it will never achieve what they think it will