I’m nodding along to Thursday Throwbacks on Spotify. It’s 7.25 and blinkin’ hell it’s light outside already (Spring, is that you?) And tomorrow I’m working from home. So yup, my mood is bright, you could say.

So let’s talk home interior updates.

I have this crazy close friend who’s always been completely and compulsively obsessed with updating her home for as long as I’ve known her (FYI forever).

Growing up, I would go around every so often and the rooms would always be slightly different; a lick of paint here, a different piece of up-cycled furniture in the corner, a new rug or set of trinkets sitting on the shelf. I’d always admired her ease at making  a room look effortlessly cool and unique. She was and still is the queen of classic style with an eclectic mix.

I think this is where I get my taste in home decor from.

And now, as a 25 year old woman with a home of my own, I completely understand this enthralling need to update my interior on the regular. I get it. The home feels like a never ending project.

This room is missing something’

‘I am so over the colour on this wall now’

Doya reckon we should hang some prints here?’

And I know we don’t need anything. But I find updating the home insanely satisfying and refreshing. Who’s with me?

So last Saturday we went in search of the elusive rug for the living room which we’ve been searching for since forever, the ‘something’ that was missing from the bedroom (hold the jks please) and anything else that would freshen up the bungalow of love.

So here’s my thoughts on interior design. I believe that a good colour palette makes or breaks a room. Period. And I totally believe in bold choices of colour. I like surprising items (is that a gnome on the shelf in between all those serious books? Uh huh). And I really like a mix of practical vs. pretty because  it looks dreamy dammit but look, hey it stores stuff too. Yup, that’s me.

And I truly believe the home is a sanctuary where you should be able to relax and kick back, but also a place to invite friends and family; somewhere they’ll feel comfortable chilling too.

So back to our trip. We skipped around Next Home, IKEA (the place of interior dreams), Primark and H&M Home. They didn’t disappoint, as per.

In Next, we scooped up a black and white pattern rug for a thrifty £40. I mean, obvs I’d had my eye on that La Radoute ‘it’ rug but for a fraction of the price we’ve ended up with something equally (in our opinion) as statement and laaaavly. I mean think of all the gorgeous flat lays that are gonna come from it? Lols.

We also chose some fresh cushions for the sofa in our lounge, leaning towards more black and white against the brightness of our yellow feature wall. I’m also looking to tie in splashes of pink into the rooms colour scheme so it’s not so yellow & grey on yellow & grey, so I’ve added a pink photo frame and a dusty pink blanket. We’ve purchased some large frames for the wall so we’re now on the hunt for some fresh prints with hints of pink. If you have any great print suppliers you know of, chuck ’em my way.


Wool Blend Diamond Geo Rug – Next Home

Graphic Alphabet Cushions – Next Home

Pineapple Cushion – H&M Home

Pink Frame – Next Home

Dusky Pink Blanket – H&M Home


I’ve been wanting to brighten up our bedroom for a while. It’s just felt a bit blah. And it’s kinda been feeling like a dark room where all my unworn clothes get dumped in a pile. I mean that’s nothing to do with interior design and more to do with my incapabilities to hang things up. So scrap that, it’s irrelevant.

We’ve been desperate for some bedside lamps for reading in the evenings (when we’re not watching Taboo or QI on catch up).  And I guess since we’ve moved in, I’ve felt a wee bit restricted by the hexagons I painted on my wall. Like yeah, I love ’em but I’ve been slightly worried about doing anything else in the room that might clash.

So to solve all my bedroom interior woes; enter this tropical print bedspread from Primark Home which cost a very reasonable £12. There was one that was super similar in H&M home, slightly softer in colour but a whopping £30 more. So y’know, we went with this one which feels like it’s done the job. We’ve also added a touch of texture into the room with this IKEA throw on the end of the bed. Our new copper lamps are quite inconspicuous and practical  –  they match the bed frame and Max & I instantly agreed on them so that’s babin’.


Tropical Print Duvet Cover – Primark Home 

Copper Lamps – IKEA

Cactus – Primark Home (similar item)

Throw – H&M Home 


Oh and the Primark Home cactus. I’m sure it’s supposed to be for like, pencils or flowers or summin’? But hey, it’s gonna sit on my bedside table and make me smile until I find a use for it. Maybe make-up brushes? Who am I kidding, I literally own one make-up brush *crying laughing emoji*

Happy home making guys. Enjoy it.


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