[written on Sunday]

Sometimes you have to grind to a halt to learn some new lessons, pick yourself back up and power on like a pro.

Big words for an opening line right?

I’ve been having some down time. ‘Down’ being the important word here, as I’ve been a bit pooped out over the past few days.

Blogging is like this all consuming, feel good, stress monkey. I would personify blogging as that annoying friend that wants to hang out all the god dam time. That friend that you love dearly but you can find them a bit exhausting sometimes. THAT is blogging.

And ever since the end of February, when I finally made the big move over to my self-hosted site, I’ve been throwing more and more into the blogging mix. (And more and more of myself; my time, my energy, my sanity).

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind really. I’ve gone from publishing a few posts a month to three posts a week. And although this has had fabulous results (month on month increase in readership & some great opportunities with brands) recently it’s been facing me with some problems that apparently I need to address.

You see, there’s been a huge shift in the amount of content I’m producing but I haven’t made any adjustments to the way I work and manage this. I mean what a wally? Of course I’m gonna crash at some point. Everybody has their limitations.

So this week, I’ve ground to a halt. Like a big old standstill of massive proportions. I feel like I’m sinking. I just knew I needed to do some reassessment of my work/blog/life balance.

You see, my head is full to brim with blog posts I’d like to write, things I’d like to photograph, brands and places I’d like to collaborate and work with. But processing all this, organising it into some kinda coherent plan in my head, has become a complete headache. Especially with the constraints on my time at the moment.

So I’ve taken a week to reassess.

And then I’ve just spent 5 hours of my Sunday organising out my blogging life into one compact notebook. I’ve emptied the contents of my head onto the pages using the bullet journal technique; indexing, diarising, to-do listing and content planning.

And bam. I have a plan.

(And oh my gosh I cannot wait to share my thoughts on Bullet Journalling with you in another post <3<3<3)






I feel like a giant sized weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Going forward, I’m refusing to manage my blog without proper planning in place.

I won’t approach this week on the back foot, I’ll approach it as a serious girl boss *strong arm emoji*

The point of this post?

Not to explain why I haven’t posted for a week. I’m sure you haven’t noticed one bit. I’m sure you’ve been busy sipping Starbucks spiced lattes and shopping ASOS for your Autumn wardrobe.

No, this post is to highlight the need to stop sometimes to further yourself. Stop. Take a breather. Reassess and reorganise your thoughts. Sometimes all it takes are some small changes to make a big impact.

Remember people, we are not robots.

Oh and this seriously proves the point that all problems can be solved by putting them into a neat ‘To-Do-List’ and prioritising the shit out of them.

It’s all getting rather exciting over here in the blogging world and I can’t wait to share things with you guys over the coming months. I want to throw myself in at the deep end (fully prepared, of course).

That is all for today. Hope you’re all powering through this week like pro’s.






  1. Denise chambeRs
    28th September 2016 / 5:49 pm

    Really enjOy reading yOur blogs jade. Very entertaining and easy reading. Thanks x

    • 29th September 2016 / 12:02 pm

      Thanks Denise 🙂 Hope a lovely day, fabulous lady! x